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HGFC 1/144 Nobell Gundam Review - Part 2A

This is a continuation of the long time done part 1 HERE.

My mid-semester break has begun, as of 9.30am 2nd April, and now I'm "obliged" to finally finish what I've intended to do for over... two months. I can't really say this is the one I had in mind but I hope it plays out well. A simple omake at the end which spans Valentine's Day and White Day, in a way.

It has been a while and even BD, a fellow blogger, made his own review already although I had mine longer. XP Well, responsibilities and a high up title can really make one really occupied and I'm not even working yet! Even when I wanted to attend to my blog, I had some time to do so, I already forfeited too much mental strength to do any other. ^^;

Read on for the rest of the review!

Part 1: Comparisons
God Gundam is definitely taller. 16.2m VS 16.6m.

Part 1-Alt: Alternate Posing + Close-Ups
One thing I quite like about the HGFC Nobell was that she was built with amazing color separation! Sure, you'll need some stickers and/or paint dabbed a little here and there but those were very minimal! This color separation is most likely due to the fact that she doesn't use any polycaps and works on plastic on plastic joints.

It is a good and bad thing at the same thing. For the good, it allows for less parts needed for the model kit. For the bad, the joints will get loose rather quick and it is hard to remedy them, even if they are reinforced with ABS plastic.

Part 2: Articulation & Gimmicks
She doesn't really have that much shoulder articulation since the joints inside the torso cannot pop-out like most HGs do nowadays due to, most likely, size limitations.

The head is pretty articulated but the hair piece in the front makes looking down rather hard to do. You can disconnect the rear hair piece from the lower joint to enable a more dynamic "hair pose".

Both the elbows and knees have only one joint, yes, one.

The hips are rather flexible but...

The two piece connection, for me at least, dried out too fast and I can't hold splits in mid-air very well after a while.

The waist is undeniably very flexible and can turn all around.

Unlike your ordinary "beam sabers", she uses "beam ribbons". The ribbons need a little folding at the connecting slot to make sure it "sticks in". I'm pretty sure you can use normal beam sabers from other HGs as well since the beam handles have a circular slot as well.

Part 3: Action!
I didn't really take that many "nice shots" but I took most of what I felt like doing. XP
"Talk to the hand."


You get FIVE, yes FIVE beam ribbons. Two straights and 3 different sized circular ones. I can't really show you all the possibilities so if you decide to get Nobell, try it out!

Part 4A: Sailor Moon Poses
Yeah... >_>

Part 4B: Random Poses

Nobell KICK!

Part 5: Advertised/Box Poses

Box-art pose.

Additional box-art shot with God Gundam.
I seriously admit that they pair up very nicely. XD

Part 6: Simple Omake
Even though I planned to do something better but... I didn't do it. Sorry folks, hope you enjoy the randomness instead. :P

During Valentine's Day, Allenby gave Domon some chocolates and went off without a word. Domon, clueless towards the special occasion ate them without thinking further...

Moving onwards to White Day...
Allenby: *AHEM*
Domon: "Uh, Allenby? Why did you call me out here for?"
Allenby: "Do you know what today is?"
Domon: "March 14th?"
Allenby: "Do you know what you're supposed to do on this day?"
*insert OH SNAPS here*

Domon: "I think I hear Ra-- uh, some one calling me out to fight! ...yeah!"
Allenby: "Do... MON!"
Domon: O_O
Allenby: "My hands are burning RED!"

Allenby: "Its loud roar tells me to punish you!"

Allenby: "Bakunetsu... DISAPPOINTED FINGER!"

Allenby: "Make sure you remember next time, alright!"
Domon: "Uh, yea... @_@"
Allenby: "Especially to Rain."
Domon: "...ah... o.o""

Well, it isn't much and not as funny as I would like but hope that was entertaining to watch, although randomly placed out. ^^;

Note: I forgot to take the photo of God Gundam holding Nobell Gundam princess style... I'll put it in sooner or later. You MUST use the stand in order to do this or else God Gundam will tilt over and fall as the front side becomes heavier. ^^;

Part 7: Conclusion
  • Great color separation
  • Great amount of beam parts
  • Quite flexible
  • No polycaps?
  • Rather pricey @ 1500Yen as it doesn't really come with so many parts...
  • Feet can come off easily due to nature of ankle joint which is loosely designed for added articulation
  • No polycaps?
Overall, the HGFC Nobell Gundam is a decent kit. A bit disappointed in the range of how much the knees can bend since another small kit (Seraphim/GN Archer) can do a full bend no problem. Anyways, as I've said before, she pairs greatly with God Gundam and if you got the HGFC of God, you must have HGFC Nobell. Totally.

I'm still a little worried at how the Bandai team are designing the HGFC series though... the cons can be pretty heavy when you try to play with the kits more than usual. For one thing, my Nobell's hip joints are loose already. ^^;

That's all for now and hopefully I can add-on this review to throw off the "A (Alpha)" later. Time for a week of stress relief! Xbox 360 PARTAY soon! :D

PS: I messed around with so the coding for this post is slightly messy. :P


Anonymous said...

Hips becoming loose? Great... And mine is the ankle, a bit loose and really likes to pop out during the most critical times.

And yes, the colour/parts separation is great, seems like they are learning from Kotobukiya. =D

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

finally, the long awaited review XD

looks good, especially when we have 2 reviews popping out in a row (Bd's and yours)

i think, the limitation of the knee is mainly due to its design, to make the knee bend more for nobell, i believe it requires stuff like sliding mechanism etc where as seraphim and Gn Archer, their initial designs are to allowe full bend (in fact, that's what are OO kits are designed on, full bend!)

Tom said...

Shame the knees can't bend more. It would make posing much easier I think.

Anonymous said...

nice review. I think it's very funny actually^^ oh and Z's review of MG Destiny EBM is out. I am working on mine(completed head torso and waist). Look forward to mine^^ Though I'll take some time due to busy school work.

Marzz said...

So you are BD are doing a review of this at the same time...

CD said...

@BD: The loose ankles are pretty much at default due to the way it was designed... as in not tight enough to stay in to allow more flexibility. ^^;

@ZD: That doesn't mean they can't.

@47: Same here, pretty busy with lots of RL stuff even though I got so many other things I want to do.

@Marzz: Just a coincidence. XD

Gundam Gunso said...

ooo... Nice kit to have. Interesting story of Valentine's Day with the 2 kits. Hope I have the time to build mine XD

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