Thursday, October 27, 2011

Simply Sedap @ Swinburne Soft Opening

Sudden post! This week was a rather "hangover" week. My mind was mostly hazy since I got partially sick (headache with mild fever) which made finalizing my assignments and doing my mid-term papers this week... hellish. I'm pretty much okay already but it seems my focus is still hazy. Could be a side-effect or the weather has a big impact on me. I'm not sure. I just hope all goes well with whatever I did for this week since I couldn't focus completely on them. ._. ...for the best.


At any rate, back to the lighter side of things. I'm slightly free again so I feel like doing a quick post on the newest addition to the Swinburne Sarawak Campus - Simply Sedap. Chillipeppers, which was located near the hostel of the campus, closed down early this year. Starting today, the area is being officially taken by Simply Sedap.

I went today for dinner with my friends just now and today is the restaurant's soft opening so I felt it was worth checking out at least. FYI, I have night class tonight and I'm typing this while listening to the lecture. A first I say. =P

As fellow Swinburners, if you have went to Chillipeppers at Swinburne in the past, the feel is similar but with 2 HDTVs in the premise - it has a better atmosphere than before. Ordering is roughly the same. You go to the cashier on the far right and order your meal as per the menu laid out on top. They have book menus provided also. After ordering, you move to the left then get your drink and pay up at the cashier on the far left. I wonder why I couldn't just pay at the counter on the far right instead?

The overall area feels comfortable and nice. I say it is an improvement over Chillipeppers in the past at the very least.

However, I did not like how they did the order number system. Since you're gonna leave it basically flat on the surface of the table, it can be easily missed by the waiters/waitresses.

Since this was my first time here, I decided to spend a bit more by ordering the pineapple fried rice special. I can pick either fried chicken or curry chicken. Unfortunately, the chicken were both unavailable just now. Or so it seemed. In the end, I paid RM4.50 for the normal pineapple fried rice instead of RM6.50. Overall the price was okay-okay but is a little bit on the pricier side as compared to the cafeteria right by the old block.

After I sat with my friends, we waited for our food. And that's when the problem started. My friends who ordered later than me have already received their orders. I had to ask 3 times before my order finally came to me! I waited for a total of 45 minutes before my food was finally available! "Son, I am disappoint." This problem was not limited to me only though, many people had to wait periods between 30minutes to almost and hour for their orders. WTF. That really leaves a bad impression to me even if this was their first day opening. Then again, I hope they can improve on their speed in the future as their food tasted...

...pretty good.

Yes, that's right, I somehow get the pineapple fried rice special in the end (although I only paid for the normal variation). =D The taste was not bad, however, the pineapple was not so obvious which made me a little disappointed (yet again). Mine was particularly VERY oily unlike my friend's. I believe they started to rush once someone inquire WTF is their order 3 times. =_=

Overall not bad but I really hope they can improve on their speed, period.

Until the next post~



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