Friday, October 14, 2011

Alice Madness Returns Bookmarks for SAMS

TBH, they may not be of the most creative design (or 'logical') but I'm liking what I've done. Did it all tonight, just now, right after I came back home from my mid-term paper. Nonetheless, you may critique (with good reasoning of course) my works.

Note that none of the art were done by me - I found them at zerochan. The overall design was by me. FYI, I'm a simple person so I don't really put much background detail. However, if you have any suggestions there, shoot. :)

If you're wondering what I used, I just used ze good ol' Photoshop 7. :D

PS: No stealing or use without permission, especially for commercial uses.

Until the next post~


Chris said...

You said no stealing or use the picture without permission but didn't you kinda 'steal' these artworks from other artist for commercial use too? ^^;
That's.... ironic.

CD said...

Knew someone was gonna say that. Technically these were for fun and not meant for commercial use... ah the way that copyright works over here. >_>;

CD said...

Then again, that's how things go over here. ^^;

(And I'm getting some suggestions for actual commercialization from the others. Lolwat.)

New world order said...

Copyright doesn't apply in Malaysia. That is why we are allowed to photostat our books in uni. LOL


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