Monday, October 17, 2011

SAMS (Swinburne Anime & Manga Society) Maid Cafe 2011

Sorry for the extremely late post up but lots of things came up, seriously. Other than just academic work, I had to manage the post event stuff (which isn't completely covered yet) and upcoming events. Ah, to be busy with so many responsibilities. ^^;

Right now I'm also busy with a sudden prospect which will be revealed later once we get through the technicalities. I can say this one will be something nice for the club. =)

Note: All photos are taken by the photographer team and none by me this time.

The SAMS Maid Cafe - Versailles Maid Cafe was held on the 23rd September 2011. The date was supposed to be 9th-10th September 2011 but various stuff came up so we had to postpone and change the timing a bit. We had two shifts. One in the afternoon (11am-2pm) and one at night (5-7pm). The night time slot wasn't in the original plan so I'm very sorry for those who had trouble coming in as security was stricter at night.

The food provided were omelette rice, yakisoba, sandwiches and fries, swiss rolls, cupcakes, cakes and tarts. Some had limited availability though.

Technically everything wasn't as smooth as I hoped but we worked together through the kinks and manage to get everything running to the best we can for our first time. Some of the customers also supported us which I really appreciate you all! =D

The way we lined the flow was only 'perfected' during the night shift but I guess it wasn't easy to get everything 'right' from the get go. Basically the you, the customer, get greeted at the entrance then your order is taken. You'll be taken to your seat by an available maid and your order will be processed. Once it is done, it will be sent to you and depending on what you ordered, you may get an additional service such as drawing on the food. After you're done eating, you may go to the photo booth to take a photo with a maid of your choice and more - additional fees applicable.

Most of the food were home made. Nonetheless, all the cooks tried their best to make them. Although that still need work there (for some). Will definitely make a better tasting meal next time~ Ganbarimasu!

The photo booth was very popular, which I think became the highlight of the event. The overall setup was great and I really thank the photographers who were mostly graduated members for helping us out that day! Wished I could have provided a better printer though as it wasn't really up to snuff (although I'm patching it up as I type this).

Some displays from our passionate members. Thank you to those who bought the mascot prints!

Overall we had fun. It wasn't 'perfect' but for a first time doing this, it was a great learning experience. It also made me stronger one way or another. I also had the chance to do something I normally wouldn't be able to do under normal circumstances, which some of you can clearly see from the photos or from the event itself. We all learned something and we hope to present you all a better maid cafe experience in the coming year! So watch out everyone~

If you have any suggestions or want to apply as a maid (limited to Swinburne students) for the upcoming maid cafe, comment here or approach the committee nicely. We won't bite so I hope you won't try to chow us down either. :)
PS: All working committee, including maids, are on a voluntary basis only.

Until the next post~


Muah said...

I'm a guy. Can I be a maid? Maybe a 'Pondan Maid' ;)

CD said...

Unfortunately we're not recruiting male maids currently. Sorry. ^^:

Chris said...

Any beautiful ones?
..................*walks away* lol

You know, I always find it funny that SAMS displayed the members' figures at conventions but it's not for sale and people who walk by would be envious. ^^;

Muah said...

R u sure u guys aren't recruiting male maids? R there any male maids during this year's SAMS MAID event?

CD said...

It was a committee decision so we can't for the time being. And I think the photos put up speaks volumes if there was or wasn't. >_>

Muah said...

How bout the one sitting on the chair hugging someone? Is that a he or a she? Looks like a shemale to me :P

Seng said...

Not bad eh. The concept is there though obviously can't be compared with the japan version. Next year is gonna be better no doubt. I will support this Maid Cafe event. Keep it up.

CD said...

@Chris: We currently aren't capable of doing that, not without some difficulties at least. However, we direct whoever are interested where and how to buy. Then again, the display this time was just an extra. You technically don't sell these stuff at maid cafes. XP

@Muah: I'll leave that up to your interpretation. We, unfortunately, are not hiring any male maids for the time being still. ^^;
Forgot to mention it is voluntarily based too. >.>;

@Seng: Thanks! We'll do our best! =)

CD said...

@Muah: Though, if you're really serious about it, you may approach us at any rate. Are you a Swinburne student?

Chris said...

Currently not capable? lol
Swinburne is big, there should be good looking ones here or there. Just need them to be brave enough to join, haha.

CD said...

@Chris: Lol, I was referring to the merchandise part. XP

As for 'beautiful' maids, can say we got the good ones on that day, depending on your personal perception of course. But according to our feedback, it was good. :3

CD said...

With a possibility of an increasing 'volunteer force'. >.>

Muah said...

I was a former swinburne student. Never had the chance to participate this kind of event during my time..Maybe I should take the opportunity next year. Just to give it a try.

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