Monday, December 19, 2011

HG 1/144 Gundam AGE-1 Normal Review - Part 1

Time to go back to our regular dose of... Gunpla! I haven't been building Gunpla lately, not with how I take a good amount of (building fun) time I spend on each one. Last week, I decided to build this guy, right past midnight, until the sun rose again. Built the armaments in the evening after that. It was also brought over to Heng Kim Trading for a certain gathering. This review may be a little bias as I'm really loving this model kit. Or maybe that means that it gets a 100% approval on the get-go already. Nonetheless, on with the review!

Price: 1200 Yen

Pilot: Flit Asuno
Height: 18.0m
Weight: 43.4t
Armaments: Dots(?) Rifle, Shield, Beam Saber/Dagger (2)

Story in Brief
This Gundam was created by the child genius/prodigy and sole survivor of the Asuno family, Flit Asuno. He wasn't meant to pilot the Gundam but a sudden attack by the UE (Unknown Enemy) at his current colony forced him to take action and become another "young teen Gundam pilot".

Note: All photos are taken with the Samsung Galaxy SII @ 8MP. Image are downsized to 25% of original size for blog use.

Section 1: Box
The box follows the recent HG 00 releases by which it has a white background instead of the usual dark background used. Simple, yet highlights the model kit nicely.

Section 2: Box Open!
Not many runners but it is actually quite detailed. The manual is quite small though. Then again, there isn't that much going on that needs explaining for this model kit.

Section 3: Runners
...and I totally forgot to take the individual runners... Ah well.
As stated, not many runners but is quite detailed enough and it has a full set of beam parts! O_O

Section 4: Building Process Section 4.1: Torso
I initially thought the "A" for the chest would be a transparent piece, as shown in the early promo shots at least. I guess Bandai decided to make it simpler, since it is small to handle, so a sticker is provided. I opt to paint it though.

Interestingly enough, you don't really need to do much further than panel lining for this model kit. I did a bit of extra by painting the chest "A" and the inner collar gray but it isn't all that necessary for this one it seems.

Section 4.2: Head

More parts than usual for the head but it provides all the color separation you'll need. However, you may need to paint in the green for the front slits near the "A" forehead sticker though - which I did using the toothpick trick and Sangokuden metallic green. I also sharpened the V-fin.

Section 4.3: Arms
Arms are very straightforward as you can see. The elbows are also double jointed to allow greater articulation as well! =D Do note you may paint the semi-circle part of the hands gray, which I missed to do actually.

Section 4.4: Legs
Same as the arms, very straightforward. The nubs on the red pieces are a bit annoying though. I also decided to just use the sticker for the knee guard as it works very well as is IMHO. The ankle guard seems to be a little too loose to me so I hope it won't fall off once I start posing it more for the next part later...

Section 4.5: Waist
No paint needed, ar! Unless you're the type who prefers to make the inner sides gray that is.

Oh the flexibility even at the waist section! Bandai, you really did well this time.

Section EX1: AGE-1 Normal IS a Gundam
As much as many criticized the design of AGE-1N, it does look and feel like a Gundam, particularly since it is heavily based on the RX78-2.

Section 4.6: Armaments
DOTS Rifle... Weird name but it can really piece those UE like Unicorn's hax rifle.

The rifle can turn around similar to the GN Sword II from 00 Gundam/Raiser which allows the use of the second handle to stabilize those heavy shots.

One of the best, detailed, HG shields around. Bandai, I am so happy. :'D

Beam parts. Way better than a single, "toothpick", no? Bandai, Y U DO THIS ONLY NAO? :<
Ah well, it is compatible with the other HGs too. Close enough. >D

That's all for now and I'll wrap it up in the 2nd part. Wonder if I can do any interesting scenes with the AGE-1N. Hm...


Zoidiect Archaea said...

i missed this kind of post :')

Anonymous said...

At last... a review. =D

Uuu~ This guy can really challenged OO's crown for flexibility...

Fab said...

Got a Strike Gundam + RX-78-2 feel if you ask me.

agitornador said...

I bet poor Exia's raging to Bandai for the injustice he received *toothpick beam saber* *no beams*


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