Saturday, December 10, 2011

Semester Break is ON!

Note: You may not see any images if you're reading this in Swinburne Sarawak as Gamespot is blocked. Yes, I'm linking these images from Gamespot. :X

After that long situation-endorsed hiatus, I finally have the time to myself again! At least, I hope so. Before delving back to Gunpla, especially with my stack of backlogs currently, I'm playing some of the recently released games.

This is the main game of focus right now. TBH, I never completed the games before this but the game here highlights what you need to know pretty well enough to let you understand what has been happening. That and I'm totally hooked to the game, side stuff and all. Pretty fun to play I have to say, especially in contrast with the first game of the series.

I recently got my 3DS but there aren't much games on it yet. Well, the first party games such as Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 has recently came out but, honestly, I'm not excited about them, not at this moment at least. At any rate, I really like playing this game even if I played the first one (although only one play-through). Mostly play it when outside though, as what I do for most of my handheld games. A good strategy-based game and it comes with the option to tone down the difficulty to "easy" this time. Good for those who wants a relaxing plot-filled game.

Random Note: I don't really turn on the 3D while playing on the 3DS.

Played this on the Xbox 360 at first but unfortunately for us console gamers, it loads very slowly, to the point that you can go to toilet in between loading screens if you didn't install the game onto the hard drive. You can observe that fact from my previous posting. The story this time is pretty okay-ish and the game-play is easier, I believe, plus more diverse than Oblivion. Nonetheless, for best effect, play on a decent computer than a console. If you bought it for the console, especially for the PS3... you'll feel a lot of pain after all those hours of fun-filled "Fus Ro Dah".

Still remembered my purchase earlier on? Well, I'll be continuing it. It is Disgaea after all! As usual, it has a funny cast of characters that interacts interestingly with each other. The system has changed a bit so there is a bit of adjusting required for me. Hm, I wonder how I'll far this time?

Haven't really gotten this game, asides from "getting" it on the Xbox 360 via the cheapskate means. I really want to utilize Phoenix Wright in this game, along with Zero. Oh yes~~~

There are still some other games I might be playing, especially those I have yet to complete such as Nier, P3P and the last part of KHR:BBS though that depends on my mood and time after this. >.>
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I won't necessarily be gaming 24/7 as I also want to get my hands into some Gunpla after all that while, especially with the new Gundam AGE that gives some really flexible mobile suits unlike before. Plus I must have fun with the "East is burning red!" duo later on. =P

And yes, I'm still doing an omake with SD Sinanju, now with a larger cast than before... Hm... what kind of mischief will unfold this time? I'm still crafting that out and hold to do something interesting after all this while not doing anything funny. ^^;


I also have some obligations to do for the Anime club during the holidays. At some point I regretted adding more responsibilities to my work load but a promise is a promise plus I'm the one who initiated it after all. I have some time to do em' (though it came with some delay notifications from the intended completion time frame) so I'll do it slowly, especially when my creative mood comes into play - for a better outcome. Those who have passed me their desired artwork to be used, I'll do my best! =)
I'll pass you guys your custom member cards once the next semester starts, following the Foundation timetable, except for those in Degree.

That's all for now~


Tom said...

Semester break feels good doesn't it lol. I've beaten AC: Revelations during my thanksgiving break :D

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