Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One Last Final Paper But...

Random Note: I'm doing some short posts on my trip to Singapore this year over at my secondary blog. Do check it out.

Let's have a bit of light into this blog. I've been noticing that blogs are dying out slowly, even mine, due to either real life or your attachment to your blog starts to disappear with time. Mine seems to go both ways and social networking plus my kick back to gaming life is influencing that.

Nonetheless, some randomness ahoy!

"Koko kara... de te ike!"


Yep, recently bought the SD Kshatriya, finally. With that, I have all the BB Gundam Unicorn so far. However, this time it isn't built by me and I handed this to my sister to be a "first build" for her since she wanted to try building a Gunpla with some very minor help and advice from me. I chose this from the already small selection of Gunpla left at the shop that felt worth getting. I really liked that it came with a very cute SD Loto and it has elbow joints. =D

Via Nintendo 3DS 0.3MP camera. It is so cute! >w<

Via Nintendo 3DS 0.3MP camera. SD Kshatriya's wing binders reminds me of Majora's Mask.

Well, more on that later. I'll be updating the SD Kshatriya a bit from its OOB state once my exams are over~ As well as all the other backlogs I've accumulated with my recent purchases, such as the HGUC Jesta, HG Gundam AGE-1 Normal and various others. ._.;

I really would like to burn the midnight away with Gunpla at this moment but I don't want to interfere too much into my mental strength for my final paper, so I'll have to be patient. ^^;

Also, yet unfortunate turn of events...

A crack on the hinge of my Nintendo DS Lite! D:

I know it is a common phenomenon but it still hurts that it happened to mine too, after 3 years of owning it. I've put some tape around it though I doubt it would help much. I guess it did get sad once I got the Nintendo 3DS last month. Then again, I still played with it plenty since DS games are blurry on the 3DS. Depending on your own perception, you may like or dislike that fact. I don't really like it though since it isn't a "good blurry" to me. :/

Well, lets see how I go about this later on, for now, I shall rely on you - tape!

That's all for this quick post. I'm currently resting for the night after the today's paper and assessment done. I'll see words again by tomorrow. ^^;


Anonymous said...

More UC SD kits eh? =D

Ouch... cracked hinge, feels bad man... not even cement can help? O_o

CD said...

I fear that cementing may seep the cement into the workings inside so I may not go into that risk. ^^;

I thought of that too though.

CD said...

And yeah, more UC SDs. They are some of the more fun-filled SDs around with their "special" gimmicks and surprising bonuses. =D

hiroy_raind said...

Yeah, lately a lot of gunpla blogs are having less and less posts, including mine.
While we all have our own reasons, hopefully we can overcome it and return to sharing our hobbies and what we loves =).

Zoidiect Archaea said...


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