Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year on the Horizon

Didn't expect myself to be so busy this week (to extend that, the whole year), actually thought I could relax and game/Gunpla at home. Unfortunately, duty calls. Lots of stuff are coming up around me and needs my attention, whether it be friends or family. I guess it is true that as you grow older, you have more responsibilities to attend to.

I still feel bad for not adhering to most of what I've planned for my blog this year, especially the omake I thought I would be doing. The idea is (or was now?) in my head but I did not execute them yet and more model kits enter the stack. Hm, I wonder if I can do something to atone myself on the day of New Year? I guess continuing this blog like I intend to should be one of my New Year's Resolution. Hm-mm. ^^;

The photos for AGE-1N review part 2 is ready but I don't have the time at the moment to type it out nicely. Don't want to half-arse it or anything just to out a review. Most likely will be popping out on the day of New Year earliest going with my current schedule.


Photo via Nintendo 3DS @ 0.3MP.
AGE-1 Normal

Preview for my verdict of the HG Gundam AGE-1N;
  • Great articulation all around, if you have built or know of the HG 0 Gundam, that's how good it is.
  • Part separation is one of the best so far so painting isn't really required.
Will cover more aspects later but you know that this model kit gets a big sticker of approval from me already. (For those who want to buy this for whatever reason, it is a good model kit to get. It is great for those who are new to Gunpla especially. I see what you did there Bandai.) =)


If you are currently in Kuching until 2 January 2012, do come by for the gift exchange event at Heng Kim Trading over at BDC Crystal Complex (Everrise). Further details in the Facebook event page itself. Last day to submit a gift would be on the event day. >_>;


This is a quick shout out at Nintendo 3DS owners in Kuching or would-be owners. If you own or are interested in this interesting glasses-free 3D handheld console, why don't you join our little group in Facebook and we also hold weekly gatherings on Saturdays (subject to change) over at the table (Bukit Mata Seafood) in front of Momotoys at OneJaya from 1.30-4.30pm.

Photo via Nintendo 3DS @ 0.3MP.
Mario Kart 7

At the same time, as they are people to have fun with, I've been giving more attention to my 3DS gaming profile. Well, not that much. Recently I've obtained this game. Didn't really plan to get it actually but since it is a racing based game, which I like, I bought it. Wished there was a Christmas discount tacked on it then but at well, it is a rather fun game to play - especially with friends.


Photo via Nintendo 3DS @ 0.3MP.
Cardfight!! Vanguard

Finally, ever since I came back from AFA 11 (Anime Festival Asia 2011), I've endorsed myself into the world of card games. To be honest, it is actually more fun that I initially thought. Although buying an English Trial Deck (basically a starter deck) wasn't a good investment (as others played using the Japanese cards), I still had fun with the Royal Paladin Trial Deck along with my 4 Blaster Blades in that deck thanks to some PR cards I got from AFA that time. ^^;

Maybe it doesn't look good but I upgraded my deck with Japanese cards in-between but luckily the circle here doesn't seem to mind as long as the cards are legit. Whether they are English or Japanese, they are still manufactured by Bushiroad. =)

At any rate, if you're game, I'm game too.


That's all for this what-I'm-doing-nowadays-filler post. Next post on the day of New Year itself I presume. Closing it off, Happy New Year (soon) everyone!


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