Friday, April 6, 2012

Coming Up Next

Finally got some time off (or you can say finally got a chance to make room for some personal time) this week. Of course the mid-terms looming isn't a pretty sight. Then again, since the test papers aren't your run-in-the mill sort (whereby you digest a few chapters of study) but rather you apply "what you already know" according to the weekly test. More skill and common sense dependent. Well, there's still a "normal paper" to tackle as well.

At any rate, I just finished building the HG Zeydra, HGUC Banshee (Unicorn Mode) and the one shown above. The BB 00Q above happens to be from a recent bootleg brand "Y". Can't read the Chinese text under the logo so "Y" it is. More on those later as photos just need filtering for some. =)

Until the next long post - after all this while. Might as well update the headers and such while I'm at it.

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