Sunday, April 29, 2012

Limit Break!

Since I had the chance, I decided to get myself the new clan TDs. Being able to attack upwards to 26000 with the main Vanguard out of the box does seem promissing indeed. However, it doesn't mean it can compete well with the older, more diverse clans, so far. Getting burned by The End is one thing I'd like to mention.

The TDs focus on raw power and only the main cards got any abilities out of that (asides from the Aermo clones). Garmore (Gold Paladin) pictured above superior calls any Gold Paladin grade 2 or lower upon ride at the cost of 2 counterblasts. Thunder Break Dragon (Narukami) retires any of your opponents grade 2 or lower Rear Guards upon ride at the same cost. I personally feel that Garmore's skill should be "activate" or at least gives us the chance of calling a grade 3 considering it is a one time thing. Thunder Break Dragon's skill would be nice if it can be used in the Rear Guard as well. It would make having more than one slightly more meaningful.

Well, not to be so nitpicky, the new TDs are good for introducing new players to the game. The skills are easy to understand and remember. Adaptability for em' seems better according to the games I played with less experienced players when I lent them the decks.

That's all for now. I better get back to finishing my assignments at hand right now. D=

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