Saturday, April 14, 2012

Zeydra Kick!

I wonder if this image is worthy of the group build kick. Hmmm...

PS: I don't have the AGE-2N so the AGE-1N was a close enough "replacement" for this action shot. XP

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Zoidiect Archaea said...


accepted :D

chubbybots said...

flint ownzzzz........

Seems like it warrants another kick. Kick upwards followed by another kick from the side :P

Chris said...

Char Aznable.
Teaching red mobile suits to kick Gundam since 1979.

Cass said...

If any of you have read any crazy AGE 2nd generation 4komas...

Flit: "I won't let you have my son! D=<"
Zehart: "Trust me father!"


PS: Photo taken with something else, again, since I had the chance to do so. XP


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