Monday, August 31, 2009

MG 1/100 Gundam Exia "Ignition Mode" Review - Part 2

Continuing from part 1.

Part 1: Box, Box Open, Runners, Building Process & Some Gimmicks

Part 2: Articulation, Action, Gimmicks & Comparisons
Part 3: Gundam Exia Repair & Conclusion

Read on for part 2 of the review! There's also an early conclusion since I'll only be able to review the "Repair Mode" by the end of this week by the earliest as I have to prioritize on my assignments after I'm down with this. =/

Part 1: Up, Left, Down, Right

MG Exia stands a little short against the 500ml water bottle.

Looking at the Exia from down below.

I decided to put the clear stickers in the end as I saw it looked very nice after reading some veteran modelers' reviews. It is the least I could do when I don't do decals, yet.

Part 2: Articulation, Action & Gimmicks
The "GN Clavicle"(yellow antennas) can move up and down.

Like most MGs, a cockpit. But I felt that the cockpit is a bit squished. Must be caused by the GN Drive gimmick.

Something that the NG Exia didn't have, forward and backwards body movement!

Semi-realistic upper torso section articulation, the MG Exia can bend left and right as well.

A bit unnecessary but the vents can be opened up.

Like most MGs, the arms can move forward like so.

Familiar articulation, no? It can basically do the "180" split like the HG 00.

The beam saber hilt is connected to a connector that can swivel up and down. A bit loose as the connection is very simple.

Nothing changed for the rear skirt mounted beam saber hilts articulation.

Unlike any of the previous Exia model kits before it, the MG Exia's holster for the GN Blades are retractable. Simple connection as well so it is a bit loose. I recommend some superglue for the part connecting the white circular piece to the gray circular piece for ease of play.

The front skirt can go up like so, similar to the MG Turn A.

Basic MG articulation... wait--

You don't need to take the legs off as I did this to just show what you need to do. Basically, you pull the legs down and... the MG Exia has greater leg articulation! It can go really high up! =O

God Gundam got nothing on MG Exia's kicking ability! =P



"Where is your God now?"


Even the MG Exia can do the Impulse.

You can slide in the "gun handle" of the GN Sword so that the it ca hold other weapons though I find the connection between the GN Sword to the arm a bit loose and tend to drop off easily. I wonder if I built it wrong or it was a miss on Bandai's part?

Had to take off the GN Sword for this shot. ^^;

GN Blades action.

"Exia KICK!"

What do you do when your "physical" weapons are flung out of your arms?

*insert camera going fuzzy*

Some beam saber action.


Channeling the R2.

Part X: Extra Notes
  • The GN Cables will shine in different colors under different angles of light exposure.
  • Some inner frame movement for the see through sections.

Part 3: Comparison With NG 1/100 Gundam Exia
No, the MG Exia isn't taller than the NG Exia. It is just that the NG's legs are loose.

Articulation is quite similar but the MG has some improvements.

Probably due to the fact that the NG already has MG-like articulation that Bandai decided to let the MG have haxxor leg reach.

The GN Sword is much better looking and detailed when you compare MG to NG.

The shield didn't change much except for the opening gimmick add-on.

The GN Blades got a slight re-design.

"Double Dragon Gundam!"

Part 4: Comparison With 00's Pseudo Frame
Do you see the similarities of the polycap usage?

Part 5: Early Conclusion
  • Major improvements from the NG Exia.
    -Sagging legs problem gone.
    -Better color separation for head and weapons.
    -No need for part exchange(For GN Blade holsters).
  • Amazing articulation.
  • Clear hologram GN Cables are nice to see.
  • Clear orb parts are molded in clear green.
  • Metallic plated parts.
  • Repair parts.
  • Weak ankles, though not as weak as my Freedom.
  • LED units cannot be shut tight easily resulting in the flickering problem.
  • GN Sword connection to the arm is loose.
  • Fixed neck.
  • Hands seems to be a bit small and comes off easily.
  • Not a complete inner frame.
  • The arm sags down a little when the GN Sword is in sword mode.
Overall, thus far, the MG Exia impresses. No product can go without cons, even the MG Exia. As far as this review has reached, the MG Exia(normal version) is a good buy. It has a good amount of gimmicks and articulation that doesn't disappoint. It has amazing part separation that makes painting less needed especially for less serious "Gunplayers". The normal version costs 3800 Yen which is pretty reasonable for such a great model kit and fully recommended by me if you want the MG Exia but not interested in the metallic parts, LED units and repair parts.

That's all for now. The finale, part 3, will hopefully be done by the end of this week if I'm still not to busy with assignments yet.


Anonymous said...

Love your poses, very dynamic ^^.

mangyver5223 said...

The articulation of it I can comment superb!

G.G. said...

Nice Review there!

I plan to buy this kit, is nice to see how it can be posed. Good job on the phototaking & posing.

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