Friday, November 19, 2010

Anime Festival Asia 2010 (AFAX) – Day 1 – Part 1

This was my second day in Singapore and the first day of the event that made me come all the way there!
Note: I’ll split the first day into two parts due to the number of photos.

On the previous night, me and my friends spent the night chatting away until pretty late in the night. Luckily, it didn’t impede us for the next day, well, except one of us who came later since she wanted to sleep in some more. Luckily for her, I promised to get the tickets for her as well. The one annoying thing here to note was the fact that they couldn’t get the tickets on Friday even though they went to collect their Anisong tickets (one of my friend’s only bought for Sunday so she didn’t get the festival + stage pass for Saturday). Because of that… well, keep reading.

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Note: I will be posting my entire trip to Singapore/AFA on my Wordpress blog due to it being easier to put up many photos. XP



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