Friday, November 12, 2010

Now in Singapore! OMG! O.O

I can't believe I'm in S'pore now! I always wanted to come here when I was younger and now I'm here! OMG! *squeals*

The flight was quick, real quick but I guess playing Burnout Legends on my DS really blew the time away. I as a little confuse when I've reached the Changi Airport but with a few directions and following the other same flight passengers, I arrived safely at the hostel. Nice people all aroundI've met. ^^

Okay, gonna go out again now, see ya some of you at Takashimaya! :D


John said...

Hey happy for you ! i am from Singapore btw o if you need anything you can always ask me =D

Tsukinari said...

woot!! have fun there XD

take tons of pic and send it to me XD

if u can... (if la) GET SCANDAL SIGNNATURE for me!@!! lol


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