Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Anime Festival Asia 2010 (AFAX) – Day 2 – First Half of the Day + Cosplay

The previous post was written hastily due to the lack of time but I really want to finish this series of posts before I go back to the usual schedule. Well, only 3 more postings after this and I should be done since I don’t have much to write already after this. Okay, onwards to the real report of the second day!
Note: Slight change of plans, gonna split the next post by two, cosplay and stalls closing so that the individual post isn’t too long.

The 2nd day doesn’t really have much going except for the Regional Cosplay Competition and the Anisong concert at night. Nonetheless, we did some more stuff we couldn’t the other day. Too bad I can’t spend more than I wished to due to my budget limits and budget outline which was actually strained.

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Honestly, I only got a mere fraction of the total cosplayers who went to the event. There were so many! You have to be some sort of really pro ninja to get em’ all! Nonethless, here is a quick posting of the cosplayers who I managed to stumble upon as we were returning to the AFA event area by around 5PM. I went back in by 5.30PM, just for a short while though which will be covered in another post.
Note: Tagged as many as I could remember… sorry about the number of tags for this one. ^^;

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