Sunday, November 14, 2010

PG 1/60 Strike Freedom Gundam Preview

OMG! I can't believe my luck tonight! As I was rushing back to the AFA halls before going back to the hostel after going somewhere to buy a gift for my sister, I was struck with the fact that the stalls are already closing up (8PM). HOWEVER, because of this, I was very fortunate to get some close-up shots of the PG Strike Freedom Gundam! Enjoy guys!
Note: Also available on my FB (plus higher quality due to no space restrictions). :)

Read on!

Sorry for those whom I blocked while taking the close-ups. I was really into it and was literally burning with excitement! Noteworthy was that they kept the for show runner parts in a MG The O box. I guess you all can imagine how big the box will be once it comes about (it might be bigger since it looked cramped in there). XD

That's all for now. More on my trip to Singapore and the AFA after I come back! You might be able to see most of the AFA photos online anyways since basically everyone has a camera to use during the event (shouldn't be hard to Google anyways). XP


SoujiShinogane said...

OMG,OMG!PG Strike Freedom at Singapore AFA...awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

That is HUEG~! The wing span.

A new level of blingness. XD

Chris said...

That 2nd last close up shot of the face is really great.
Closing at 8pm is really early. I guess they want to rest early. >.<;

Higher quality on FB huh? You have to add me then so I can see. ^^

CD said...

@Souji: Isn't it? Too bad its pretty pricey. XP

@bd: Very HUEG! And the bling bling is well done.

@Chris: You're using the email that you showed me last time for FB also? If so, I'll add ya.

The face close-up was an extra shot before I end my excitement. XD

Tom said...

Hmmm... I can see where the "foil Stickers" are gonna be, they have a sort of texture to them. Maybe bandai cheap out seeing how the kit's already 00 Raiser's price xD

Chris said...

Yep, I'm using that email I showed you before.

If this Strike Freedom is "ver.Ka", I wonder where are all the decals? XD

Z said...

Wow... I think you're the first person ever to get such close-ups on the PG SF xD

Sadly, I lost most of my interest on this model since it looks very much like an enlarged version of the MG model. What makes me curious about this particular model is that it lacks the bling in a lot of places so I wonder if this is just a mock-up of a production-ready prototype. But if those gold dragoon arms really come in that crap-colored plastic...

CD said...

@Tom: Haha, but hopefully they won't be so cheap when the real deal comes around. ^^;

@Chris: I'm wondering too... or maybe Katoki is still planning how to spam as much decals on it in his lair. O.O

@Z: Yep, I think I'm the first. O.o

Heh, so far PGs seem like enlarged MGs lately. *points to PG00R*
Nonetheless, it does look awesome in such a way that it's huge. XD
(But I still won't be buying it since it's way out of my reach.)

Then again, I might get a chance to review this guy later... ^^


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