Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Get! Part 3 (Final)!

Holy spending, Batman! Okay, these are small items that are a week apart so I hope no one attacked me about it. :P

Bought a HDMI switch for my Work/Play Space since I got the Dell monitor two weeks ago. This one doesn't need an external power source and works as well as I hoped. (The monitor only has one HDMI input but I want to connect 3 devices - PC, PS3 & Xbox 360, so I looked for a switch.) Costs RM37 without postage.

It is just that I finally can come to a conclusion that you shouldn't really try to invest in really cheap HDMI cables unless you've good experience with them before. They do work well enough but sometimes don't connect properly if bent too much. ^^;

Next up...
This one, as you all know costs 1000 Yen and just arrived at Momotoys earlier this week. I immediately got it since I was dragged there (not literally). As I don't own the HGUC, yet, I'll get this first for the time being. It will pair up with my SD Unicorn very well. >:D

I hope I can build it after my assignments are done or after my finals later this month. At any rate, gold trims! Fight-oh!

Okay, back to my important work. :(


Gundam Gunso said...


SD Sinanju. Great choice XD

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