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HGFC 1/144 Nobell Gundam Review - Part 1

Price: 1500 Yen

This review will be relatively short as it only covers the box, box open, runners and building process. You may read the quick comic strip I made yesterday as well.

Ever since the announcement of this model kit, no, ever since God Gundam was released under the HGFC line, I told myself to get one and I did. Amazingly, this is the second release under the HGFC line which I thought will be given to Master Gundam instead! This is a rather good move on Bandai's part as Nobell Gundam pairs well with God Gundam (even though they didn't get together in the end).

MS/MF Specs

About the MS/MF
This Mobile Fighter is piloted by a Swedish teenage (?) girl named Allenby/Alenbie (as per manual). I can easily say the design motive of the Gundam is very not Swedish but it was technically the only female shaped Gundam during the 13th Gundam Fight. She meets the main character Domon Kasshu and they basically got close, although just good friends. It uses beam ribbons as the main weapons and can fight hand-to-hand as well as shown by how it fought the God Gundam during their official fight. It also has a Berserk Mode whereby it increases in strength similar to Shining/God/Master Gundam's Hyper Mode. If you want to know more about the unique Gundam, watch the second half of G Gundam. :)

Part 1: Box
The box feels rather flat/small for a 1500 Yen model kit. It actually feels like one of those 1000~1200 Yen releases.

Part 2: Box Open!
Doesn't really have much inside apart from one of the largest amount of beam parts on a HG model kit.

Inclusive of Chinese manual translator.

Part 3: Runners (Contents Explored)
I just want to say this, probably again. Recent Gunplas are getting better and better at part separation. This is very evident here so painting, especially spary painting, becomes much easier.

A rare thing for HGs is that Nobell gets 2 pairs of hands plus and a "victory" left hand. Another pair is for God. (This tells you to get God to complete the "set". And yes, saying "God" without "Gundam" is slightly awkward.)

These parts are ABS... and they really remind me of when I built the MG Shining/God, in a way.

A semi-transparent white display stand. If you've built certain HGs since he SEED Destiny era, this will look terribly familiar to you as it hasn't change one bit, except for color variations.

The beams sort-of peel off like a sticker but they are indeed plastic parts, just really, really thin. If you've made paper reports with plastic covers before, it is about that thin.

Note: HGFC Nobell doesn't use polycaps.

Part 4: Building Process
Note: I won't be telling you where to panel line, if anyone is wondering about that. Black areas are in the panel line category as well, except for maybe really huge ones. ^^;

Part 4.1: Torso
Very little parts for the torso.

Painted the chest "orb" with Sangokuden Gundam Marker Metallic Green (fully shaken), the neck ribbon with Gundam Marker Red and the white lines with Gundam Marker White. I lined the white as thin as possible and cleaned off using nail polish remover (absorbed by tissue paper). Please don't use too much of it and be careful when wiping. ^^;
(Actually, just using the red stickers was a better idea but I wanted to use paint so meh.)

As you can see, the shoulder joint by the torso is a solid piece so you cannot pull the shoulder outwards like most HGs nowadays. I'm not so sure why Bandai decided to go with the polycap-less route but size doesn't seem to be the main factor here as smaller MSs such as GN Archer and Seraphim still use polycaps as well. Could be cost reduction as parts are less than usual.

Part 4.2: Head
Note: V-Fin is already sharpened by this shot.

Painted the head vulcans red. Hair piece/cooling fins can only be put on after the whole model kit is built. And yes, the hair is one huge solid piece. I'm still hoping for a Berserk Mode though!

Part 4.3: Arms
Construction of the arms is very simple and straightforward.

Seriously, lots of hands but I'm good with that! I wish more model kits comes with a pair of open hands more often.

Due to the usual single joint mechanism, the elbow can roughly bend 90 degrees only.

Part 4.4: Legs

I actually don't like how the connection for the legs are as much as they look more proportionally correct than God's. The ball connection by the thigh can come off if you pull the legs to the back (mine did even though the design shows the parts should lock up once put together) and the feet are very free moving so they can pop off rather easily.
Unfortunately, Nobell's legs only come with a single ankle joint. :(
Painted the red ribbon on the left leg BTW. Should've used the sticker since the paint keep failing to dry properly that evening. ^^;

Part 4.5: Waist
Bandai gave the side-skirts an inner frame. Rare, rare indeed. As usual, the rear skirt armor is a solid piece. I also split the front skirts in two as per usual.

Part 4.6: Other Parts
A pair of holding hands for God... hmm looks like they can do more than just catch and hold Nobell up. >:D Beam ribbon handles, a weight to hold down the beam ribbon and a special base part for Nobell only.

Looks like it can use normal beams as well. Must remember to try it out later.

Part 4.7: Display Base
Attached the special base part on the base immediately. Can be used on action bases as well which I will use in the next part of the review since the display base can only do so much.

To be continued...
Continue? 9...


Anonymous said...

I actually having a though of getting her, but when there's no polycap in use... I'm quite doubtful now...

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

under my plans- get lots of her. at least 6 or 8

mangyver5223 said...

lol~ Nobel use High heel shoes XD

Tom said...

Hey this Gundam is NSFW... get it? ;P

Gun the ammoless said...

"fears incidental guro action"

hiroy_raind said...

I'm going to get Nobel, secondly because of it's unique design and firstly because it would be very usable for comics XS


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