Sunday, July 17, 2011

Red Comet* is Complete!

The Red Comet is here... with clear stickers!

This is yet another "no sticker" (except the clear sticker/decals) that I've done. It could've been better if my Sangouden gold marker wasn't at the end of its useful life already. (Clearer shots in the actual review later.) Overall I'm pleased with myself, there is some improvement within but mada mada dane.

I also updated the review buttons to reflect the recent reviews I've posted up - now with better quality than before. Heh, 3 years and running. Now I have so many Gunpla (although most of it are from Gundam 00). ^^;

Okay, now I seriously need to do my assignments. Oh look, Dragon Nest SEA Close Beta... @_@
(I'm normally on channel 4 using a character named Lysagora.)



Anonymous said...

This has got to be the most challenging SD kit yet IMO.

CD said...

I have to agree with that. XP

Anonymous said...

Even tougher than HGUC & MG version

chubbybots said...

SD kits can be really challenging when it comes to painting! I noticed your gold looks a bit like bronze.

CD said...

@Chubbs: That's because my gold marker is running out. I guess I should restock my paint markers soon. I think they are (all) gonna finish soon. ^^;

Probably get those Tamiya paint bottles while I'm at it. >.>


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