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RD/NG 1/60 Gundam Exia Review EX via Samsung Champ @ 1.3MP

Note: RD = Real Detail, NG = No Grade. They are both correct ways of calling this type of model kit.

Price: 4500 Yen

Today's post will be rather different and unusual. All photos are taken via my current phone - Samsung Champ @ 1.3MP. That's right, 1.3 Megapixels. A far cry from my Canon Ixus 105 @ 12MP but I wanted to test the limits of my phone's camera and how well additional, adjusted, light from my LED lamp can assist in photo-taking. I'm also using my old white backdrop once again as it has a lower noise potential than a black/darker backdrop. This isn't a problem with a better camera though. (If you're wondering, I did take some backup shots with my usual camera.)

This post is also an extension for a practically unfinished review from 2 years back. Yes, 2 years worth of procrastination for this very review. You can read the original review here. It mostly covers the building process and very few finished shots. That will be corrected in this post. Some of my opinion might be changed due to experience and time too.

GN-001 Gundam Exia
Pilot: Setsuna F. Seiei
Height: 18.3m
Weight: 57.2t
Armaments: GN Sword/Rifle, GN Long Blade, GN Short Blade, GN Beam Saber (2), GN Beam Dagger (2), GN Vulcan Gun (2), GN Shield

Probable required reading due to some wording references.
  1. MG 1/100 Gundam Exia
  2. NG 1/100 Gundam Exia
  3. HG 1/144 Gundam Exia

Part 1: Comparisons
Take into perspective the NG 1/60, NG 1/100, HG 1/144 and BB.

Older shot taken from my TT Hongli PG 1/60 Wing Zero Custom review. Yes, it is taller. :D

Part 2: Static Shots & Close-Ups
Standing tall, this is the NG 1/60 Gundam Exia. Big, yet keeps the overall design of the Exia pretty much right.

The big size feels nice to look at. Close-up shots are semi-workable without a macro function on my minimalistic phone camera.

The grooves needs some thick panel lines to look right.

I initially thought of painting the parts gray/silver on the GN Sword but felt like I shouldn't in the end. Maybe I will someday.

All the GN cables are made of a soft rubber material just like the NG 1/100. They pretty much fit in the same way too.

To note, the orb stickers comes with "GN-001", "Gundam Exia" and so on wordings on them. This resulted in me not replacing them with self painting of those parts. :P
I painted the head GN cables using a mixture of purple, blue and white. Not so accurate but came out well enough IMHO.

The GN Drive harbors some additional detail but you would only notice it close up. The NG 1/100 shares a similar feature as well. Note: No opening gimmick as seen in the later released MG.

Unlike any of the other grades of Exia, I felt that the GN Long/Short Blades are most snug on this version. The don't obstruct the body nor fall off as easily. They are overall done almost perfect!

The blade pat of the GN Sword comprises of two pieces. I wonder if it would be lighter and more play-worthy if it were just one solid piece? It could even be more thinner.

The ankle guards, although not specifically shown, are fully movable front and back.

A low angle shot like this is nice to see~

Without armaments (except beam sabers).

Still used the sticker for the GN Vulcan Gun. ^^;

Slightly disappointed that the shoulder GN cable just directly connect to the shoulder armor without any additional detail just like the HG. Doesn't really matter since the area is mostly hidden from view though.

Part 3: Articulation & Gimmicks
Shoulders can move, a bit, forwards and back. There is some movement at the chest area as well, although not as much as the HG.
The neck articulation is pretty good. It has a decent up to down movement and less obstructed when turning about. The head might open up by the sides over time just like the NG 1/100 FYI.

Chest V-Fin can open and close like most other grades.

One of the things I like about NG 1/60s is that they come along with a fully functional cockpit like MGs and PGs (plus RGs now). The cockpit placing is not exactly the same as the MG though due to the MG having a LED gimmick.

Articulation is pretty decent. The only major gripe would be with the 90 degrees elbow bend while the ball joint legs can do pretty well surprisingly. In comparison to the other grades available, the articulation is between the HG and NG 1/100. Better than HG but slighly less than NG 1/100. A far cry from the MG at any rate.

The fingers have been separated by me a while back. The last three fingers are a bit loose after doing so but with some help from the ye (quite) reliable superglue trick, it should be fixable. I only realized this problem recently and I don't have any superglue with me at the moment unfortunately.
The palm of the hands uses a double peg to hold the armaments which I think is a good choice for large kits like this.

Yes, it's a "V" pose. :P


The waist can turn, not so much, from left to right. It doesn't use a ball joint to allow any movements front to back but that could be due to the fact that the kit is too heavy to be supported by a plastic only connection such as that.

FYI, to keep my sanity and make posing this large kit much easier, I put some blue-tack on the soles of the feet. Works wonders since the legs are always slipping, spreading apart thanks to gravity.

A simple part swapping to set up the GN Long/Short Blade holster for the sides. You can turn it around, adjusting it, depending on the pose you wanna do.

Fits in snugly. The most secure connection compared to all the Exia's I've had. *Arguable.*

Full GN Beam Dagger hilt gimmick for the rear skirt. Exactly the same as the NG 1/100.

There are two main connecting parts to the arm which are at the forearm and palm. The GN Sword/Rifle only has three moving points, which is at the forearm connector, the connection between the main gun and the shield, and the blade itself. Basically, it works exactly like the HG and short from the full gimmick presented by the NG 1/100 and later the MG (which can fold in although that is less possible to hold up for this large kit).
There is also a lock mechanism for the blade part so that it won't suddenly plop out when in Rifle Mode.

It isn't easy to hold up the GN Sword/Rifle in Sword Mode for long though.

Part 4: Action!
Limited to ground poses since there was no action base that was compatible with it, unfortunately, at my disposal. Bandai, Y U NO MAKE 1/60 ACTION BASE?! What of those Mega Size 1/48 then?!
GN Sword/Rifle, Sword Mode.

GN Sword/Rifle, Rifle Mode.

GN Sword/Rifle, Sword Mode (again). By straightening the arm and just posing it thrusting the sword as shown... it was, very surprisingly, able to hold it up! Contrary to my earlier impression, it was able to hold up the sword pretty well. I guess it can do something I like to see if I try hard enough! XP

GN Long/Short Blade. Gravity defying pose thanks to blue-tack.

GN Beam Dagger.

Setsuna: Kuh!

"Advent, to the top."
~End Intermission~

Setsuna: "ORE GA GUNDAM DA!"

GN Beam Saber.
Setsuna: "HYAAAARGH!!!"

GN Vulcan Gun. Makes me think of Iron Man every time though. >.>

Part 5: Conclusion

  • Large size @ 30cm (height).
  • Nicely detailed although color part separation could be more due to the large size but that may increase weight (which will make it harder to pose due to no special support mechanisms).
  • Probably the best Gundam Exia model kit that can store the GN Long/Short Blades snugly at the hips.
  • The GN Sword/Rifle blade has a lock mechanism while in Rifle Mode.
  • It has a cockpit.
  • Good price @ 4500 Yen. Relatively cheap compared to the backpack-heavy Freedom Gundam and Force Impulse Gundam while being more pleasing to the eye in terms of proportion.
  • Articulation is between HG and NG 1/100.
  • The GN Sword/Rifle will sag after a while which make it difficult to hold thrusting poses.
  • Dynamic posing is hard without a compatible action base and stability issues (that can be reduced with some blue-tack on the soles of the feet).
Even after fully evaluating it 2 years later, I still think it is a good model kit to get. The overall build, articulation and accuracy to the design is good. Sure it can be better but for 4500 Yen, I say it is worth every penny. NG 1/60s aren't easy to find normally but if you come across this one and you like the Gundam Exia, I say buy it!

You'll need to be careful when playing around with this model kit as well as how you keep it stored inside the display cupboard though. Putting something to add friction for the soles of the feet is a must. I used blue-tack since it is the cheapest solution I have. Otherwise, using rubber pieces to emulate the rubber soles from the G Gundam MGs and PG 00 Raiser can bring in the best results.

That's all for this sudden updated review. Hope you don't mind the phone camera randomness which I think came out alright but underexposed in the end. :X


chubbybots said...

The shots are decent even for a 1.3 mp camera phone. Plus its even without macro!!!

Proves that decent lighting and technique will overcome deficiencies in hardware hehe!

Gundam Gunso said...

A neat move by Bandai to offer people to buy 1/60 scale at a lower cost than to buy the more expensive PG.


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