Sunday, July 10, 2011

SD/BB Sinanju START!

Since I noticed that I have enough time to spare, I decided to build the BB 365 Sinanju yesterday. I haven't done much and there is still more, difficult, areas to build and detail.

Menacing, no?

Details in regards to the build in the actual review later but the blurry phone camera photo can tell you pretty much everything I did so far. My gold Gundam marker isn't doing so well any more, as evident above, but I'll just go on with it. Will buy a new one the next time I go to either Momotoys or Heng Kim Trading (HKT). (Momotoys sells in sets while HKT sells individually.)

I should totally get the HGUC version that I initially planned to get sometime later this year once the big budget plan goes through. >.>



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