Monday, July 4, 2011

Back to School (University)

There ends my short break in June. Had fun, got decent results for my last semester, met lots of new faces, built some Gunpla, played some games and finally decided it is time to get a smartphone.

I'm having a very tight schedule over at Swinburne for the next month and a half. 6 weeks of study for 2 subjects and the finals immediately after. O.o How will it be, I'm sure it won't be a fun roller-coaster ride.

The Gundoom review should be published by night of today (4th July). I already typed most of it but I need a bit more time to finish the last section. Right now, it is time to sleep for the long Monday ahead. Monday unfortunately has the longest day of class. From morning until night. D:

Also, a happy Independence Day to those who live in the USA!

Until the big post later on. Time to sleep! >.<


Gundam Gunso said...

Looking forward to your review on the Gundoom XD


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