Saturday, August 27, 2011

3DS Gathering Today

There was a simple 3DS gathering today in front of Momotoys at the top floor of OneJaya. Those who own the previous generation DS were welcomed too. Unfortunately not many came so we mostly played some DS multiplayer games such as Mario Kart DS.

Next time we hope to make a more successful gathering where more people can join us and well, StreetPass with each other. At least the 3DS has dropped to RM6XX (USD170/15000Yen) now. :)

In the end only 2 3DS came to the gathering. I had a bit of fun with em' which sealed the deal for me to get one later this year as the price has dropped to my target price range. :D

Until the next post. Might take a while before I actually do that omake for Sinanju. ^^;

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Chris said...

Why you no play Gundam vs Gundam? lol
Maybe the gathering wasn't publicized enough?

I have a DS too but rarely touched it nowadays. Is 3DS really worth getting? o.O

Anonymous said...

With upcoming games like Mario Kart 7 and Tekken 3D, and current ones like Pilotwings (I enjoyed the N64 version) and Star Fox 64 3D, I should think so for those, at least. I don't know if I'd bother importing a Japanese one for the 3D Gundam game out now, but I'm sure if I had a 3DS, I'd be enjoying it as I've recently enjoyed playing Super Mario Bros. 3 all over again on my DS Lite.

But for now, I'm aiming for a PS3 for Gundam Extreme Vs. ever since it was announced. Even if the additions--as was described with the initial announcement--were just customized music and online play, I'd still get it as soon as I could. But I'm thinking there'll be more to it, not unlike how GvGN+ kept announcing additions after it's initial announcement.

Khaidir said...

OMG! U have THE 3DS XD.. how's the console?

CD said...

@Chris: These are US consoles so... no JP games are playable. ^^;

Well, some people said they would be coming but ended up AFKing us.

@Siroh: True dat. Unless enough extra cash falls into our pockets or something for another 3DS just for JP games. XP

@Khaidir: Read carefully, neither are mine. >.>
Nonetheless, I'm lovin' it.

Chris said...

Wait... so you never download games on SD memory cards to play *runs*?

Oh shoot, GundamVSGundam is on PSP, not DS. I failed. lol

CD said...

Almost thought you were implying about a certain 3D Gundam game. >.>

And yeah, not much piracy on the 3DS yet.

M said...

Hi there. I noticed you have the monoeyes gashapon figures there.

Do you have the full set of it?

CD said...

@M: That's unfortunately isn't mine and I'm not sure if Momotoys have a full set of em'.

M said...

@CD: ah ok. XD DO u know anywhere at your place that sells the full set?

Over in KL here all in gashapon machines. XD they come in the small capsules are hard to see from outside the machine who we have or dun have. Unlike the huge gashapons which are easy to guess. XD

CD said...

Sadly, nope. ^^;

M said...

XD haha ok. Thanks for your reply there bro. :)


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