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SD/BB Sinanju Review - Part 2

"From the start to the end, I'm always on a climax!" ~ Momotaros
This is a continuation from the first part here.

Getting slower and slower with the blog updates lately even though I still sit by my computer. You can thank a busier real life I'm having right now. ^^; Enough with the semantics, it's time for the next part of the SD/BB Sinanju review~

Read on for the rest of the review~

White backdrop => Canon IXUS 105
Black backdrop* => Samsung Galaxy S II
*Noise is more noticeable with a black backdrop.

Part 1: Before Clear Stickers
With enough effort, the SD Sinanju will look great even without the clear stickers. Of course, adding the decals will make it look better (subjectively).

Part 2: Sinanju
One of the most challenging, if not the most challenging, SD to be built if you decided to paint in the details like I did. I just used markers to detail this as stated explicitly in the first part of the review and I can say it is my best works so far, even if it isn't as neat or clean as the more "properly" done one. *brag* XP

Part 3: Articulation
Neck is pretty good. You can dislodge it at the ball joint a bit to give more "up" if you want but it might look very awkward later.

Note the shoulder and wing binder articulation. They are all connected via a PC ball joint.

Eye can move independently as well as the head can shift comfortably to the sides. However, the shoulders can hinder head movement some.

Waist can move to the sides a bit. Can also "jiggle" but not much.

Similar to the 00 series, turning pelvis connections! This gives more head room to the legs even though they are limited to ball joints.

Not much it can do with just ball joints. I also find that I end up popping the arms out most of the time when adjusting the pose. That's mostly attributed to a lot of body parts meeting in the upper area, especially the large shield.

Part 4: CLIMAX! Action!
"Show me the power of that white mobile suit."

Box-art pose.

Starting onwards, all photos are taken with the spectacular Samsung Galaxy S II. If you're looking for a great smartphone with a decent camera for backup, this is really worth it. A beast in performance until now at a rather reasonable price in Asia. Both Maxis and DiGi has it on contract too. :)

As for the following photos, I think I was too close to the light sources as I had a smaller overall area to play with. My bad. Thought it would be better but the smaller sensor is more particular about the lighting than on a standard camera. I should note that for future photo-shoots. ^^;

Beam rifle.

Beam saber. I used the bright lighting to make the beam saber "light up". :D

Beam saber, beam axe and grenade launcher. Didn't used the beam axes separately though. It looks cooler this way. :w

Part 5: Final Form Ride! Si-Si-Sinanju! Awkward Transformation
So... to start out, lay the kit down like so.

Putting a shot of the manual for better reference.

Split the body in half like so.

Reorder the parts as shown. Pretty much self-explanatory actually.

Then reattach the kit as shown. This is the Falcon Mode. Err...

As for the lower half...

Arrange by detaching and reattaching the parts as shown.

Then just "pile on". This is the Wyvern Mode. Thanks ZD for the help. :)

Sorta reminds me of the Bawoo's transformation in a way.

What is this I don't even
The Wyvern Mode makes me think of an ass-rifle for some odd reason... O.o

Part 6: Interesting Weapon Combinations
Self-explanatory as well I hope. This is the "Giant Spear" (Kyodaiyari) Mode.
And yes, that's an extra handle just for this mode. Good one Bandai.

I quite like this one. Musou ON! The only problem would be how the wrist joint (with a nonexistent grip) can't really support the weight.

"Large" (Oogata) Bow Gun Mode. The Sinanju can do to the Edo period now. :P

I connected the grenade launcher as well to make it look like it has a "double barrel" unlike the default configuration. Came out pretty nice, no? There isn't any problem holding this up as far as the shoulder joint is concerned. :D

Part 7: Conclusion

  • Amazing detail although you need to paint it to look like it is "supposed to be". Nonetheless, the abundance of stickers included helps.
  • Great playability with lots of armaments as well as additional modes (some of which are awkward).
  • Moveable mono-eye.
  • Comes with a translucent red display base.
  • Limited articulation. No elbow joint specifically.
  • Parts at the upper region like to intersect with each other, especially the shield.
  • Wrist joint could use a ball joint instead to give it more grip and versatility.
Overall, this is a great kit! You'll only need to spend more time with it if you really want it to shine but Bandai got your back and provided enough stickers for those who don't have the prowness to go further than OOB constructions.

It has great playability all around which is just limited to your imagination and if some of the bulkier parts start to hit each other too much when you pose it to the limits (like I did). Under normal circumstances, it should provide a good deal of fun.

If you have the SD Unicorn already, you should totally get this as well. If you like SDs and Gundam Unicorn in particular, you should get the whole line! The SD Kshatriya is next and it is also packing with goodies. :)

That's all for now. An omake is already thought up. I just need to take my time to watch episode 3 of the OVA properly since I'm quite free now (as I need it for reference). ^^;


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

waiban mode? i guess..wyvern mode?

CD said...

Thanks ZD! That sounds about right. :)

Gundam Gunso said...

Ehh... I guess the transformation looks a bit awkward...


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