Sunday, August 14, 2011


Did the photo-shoot today though the space is more limited (due to the orientation of the location) as I'm using my "new" table (which was FOC since it was almost thrown away) plus it being located closer to the window. The SGSII is a bit more sensitive to light than my camera but considering that I haven't charge my camera in a while... whoops.

At any rate, expect the second part of the review soon-ish. The omake, if I have enough time, will be in another post. I already have an idea for it at any rate. Gonna have to watch a certain OVA closely for some good references. :3


Khaidir said...


Gundam Gunso said...

OMG! Those birds from Angry Birds are all over the place nowadays... XD

Tom said...

That bird can knock down 3x more buildings then the regular bird! XD


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