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SD/BB Sinanju Review - Part 1

Price: 1000 Yen

Squeezing in a bit of time on my blog for now even though I have many other things to complete. I guess you can say I'm feeling stressed out by the monochromatic amounts of assignments in front of my face and in need of more contrast back to my usual round of doings that is. :P

This kit is one of the harder kits to build (nicely) for every version there is of it. The larger MG should be easier to detail the gold trims at any rate and is the most detailed one overall. For the kits being reviewed this time, I can admit this is one of the harder challenges of marker detailing I've come across. Of course, the part separation is better than SDs of old but I digress.

At any rate, read on~

MS Explanation
MSN-06S Sinanju is a Mobile Suit built by Anaheim Electronics used by Neo Zeon by the pilot Full Frontal. Full Frontal, as far as the OVA has shown, looks and acts like Char Aznable... who is he really? He also fights the same way as Char inclusive of the trademark 3 times the speed and kicking Gundams.

Height: 22.6m
Weight: 25.2t
Armaments: 60mm Vulcan, Beam Rifle, Beam Saber, Beam Axe (2), Grenade Launcher, Shield

Part 1: Box
One of larger SD boxes around. Same size as the BB Unicorn before it.

Part 2: Box Open!
Quite a lot of part for 1000 Yen IMO. A good thing actually. :)

Part 3: Runners
Part separation is quite alright but lots of paint is still needed to make this kit look great.

Abundance of stickers and clear stickers are given. If you're too lazy to paint the gold trims, you have a decent alternative here, just that it won't look as pretty.

Close-ups of parts that needs heavy detailing. Some would look just plain and red if you don't do anything to em' (like the thrusters and parts of the legs).

Part4: Building Process
I have to warn you one thing,if you are thinking of painting the kit, prepare yourself mentally for how many parts that needs to be painted. You can always use the abundance of stickers given if you do not want to spend time painting it (although that makes the kit less impressive).

Part4.1: Head
Note the clear yellow piece. It's supposed to be green as the Sinanju's eye is green. I was reluctant to use the foil sticker so I just left it as is. A yellow eye for my Sinanju now similar to how I left my BB Unicorn's eyes red.

Painted the vulcans on the side of the head with Gundam Marker Gray and the pipe under the cheeks with Zebra Paint Marker Silver.

You can turn the rectangular part, basically the neck, to shift the mono-eye. Yeah, kinda mess up the silver there but fortunately it was in the underside so I needn't strip it in the end. ^^;
I later panel lined the gaps in-between the pipes to give it a better contrast.

Part 4.2: Torso

Painted the gold trims using my almost finish Sangokuden Gundam Marker Gold. The paint came out bronze-ish so I'll need to get a new marker soon. Nonetheless, I think it looks good in "bronze".

Painted the "side-grills", back minor-thrusters and pipes as well.

Kinda bland here. I suggest to do something like this by ZD.

It has a bit of an old look going.

Part 4.3: Arms
Lots of painting here folks!

Used a big flat-tip permanent black marker for the black cuffs. Just messily put it around the cuffs and paint the gold trims slowly and carefully.

Painted the thrusters on the shoulder guards, gold trims on the shoulder armor and cuffs, elbow joints, pipes and top portion of the hands (with Sangokuden Gundam Marker Meta Red as my normal red marker was not as good).
To paint the elbow joints, you'll need to use the toothpick trick by putting the paint onto a metal plate and picking it up with a small-tip toothpick. Then you paint it like using a small fine brush.

Without an actual elbow joint... there isn't much movement in the arms, like most SDs at any rate.

Part 4.4: Legs
More painting, yep.

Painted the top part of the legs (hip-to-pelvis section/joint), ankle guards, ankle joints, front ventilation (slightly unnoticeable) and the side-thrusters. Paint used are self-explanatory by now.
The front ventilation, if you want to attempt can be quite easy to do. Just apply the black color first and just touch the elevated points using the gold marker gently. You won't need to clean it up if done properly.

Just like the arms, there is no moving ankle joint, like most SDs.

Part 4.5: Waist
Note: Painted the pipes earlier on since I had excess paint in the plate.

Painted the inner thrusters.

Painted the gold trims. The inner pelvis part is not connected yet due to the way the body is suggested to connect.

Part 4.6: Wing Binders & Fuel Tanks
Nice for it to have a bit of an inner-frame but it still needs a lot of paint.

Painted the thrusters inner-portion with silver and the outer portion with my Gundam Marker White (several layers and it doesn't look very nice in real life). Painted the connecting and thruster points of the fuel tanks.

Cleaned it up a bit more later on. :)
Random Note: Panel lining can help you make paint look less messy sometimes.

Part 4.7: Armaments

Painted the handle of the beam saber, shield and sensor on the beam rifle (plus the sensors with Sangokuden Gundam Marker Meta Green). The shield was very PITA to paint especially on the lower section whee the grooves aren't really noticeable. D:

Didn't paint the inner-side of the shield though, felt it was redundant. >.>
Note that you can place the beam axes in various positions.

Part 4.8: Display Stand
A nice red translucent display stand. You can configure it to pose the Sinanju in two ways, upwards or forwards.

Part 5: Preview
It appears.
Early Note: The shield rubs against the wing binders way too much.

"Are you... are you really Char Aznable?!"



Anonymous said...

Wow, this guy has more parts than the SD Qan[T]...

And quite faithful the original design too.

CD said...

Yep, that makes this kit really worth it and your building time as well. =)

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

aside from the nonsensical transformation which resembles nothing, this kit is great, along with movable monoeye which is a very winning feature to me :D

and you sure give full efforts on those tiny details like the small thruster ^^ yeah, i skipped on that ^^;;

thanks for the mention too =D

CD said...

@ZD: Every small detail counts~ (Well, I mostly just nitpick the more easily seen areas though.)


Gundam Gunso said...

Painting the gold trimmings is definitely better than using the foil stickers.

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