Monday, September 12, 2011

More Stuff To Do

Looks like I'll be busier than usual for the whole of this month asides from the Maid Cafe event on the 23rd September 2011. Those in Kuching, please do come although the second day (24th September 2011) is canceled and maybe brought foreward to Friday night (possibly at 5-8pm). More on that once I confirm this sudden needs of change.

On random news, I randomly obtained this when I went to KFC with my parents. Currently using it for my netbook pouch although a bit tight since mine has a jutting battery pack.

We had an interesting team building activity during the tutorial today. One of the groups made a sort of tower of life which looked like this at the top. Basically, each group that was randomly assigned by the lecturer must make a sturdy tower out of newspapers for today's tutorial.

I have night classes this semester due to one subject having a part-time lecturer. What do?
Unfortunately for the tutorial class tonight, the aircond was leaking like a waterfall before we turned it off. Why aren't you fixing this Swinburne? From the looks of the table and floor underneath it, it foes seem to be a long time problem already. :/

There is also going to be a club recruitment drive at the Swinburne Auditorium again this Wednesday and Thursday. Swinburne Anime & Manga Society is gonna take part in it with a booth. There might be a bonus showcase of cards on those days by our new member this year.

Until a real post next time. XP

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