Monday, September 5, 2011

Gao Gao (TT Hongli) HG 1/144 Arios Review

Price: RM1X~RM2X

I didn’t really expect to make a review on this model kit since I initially lost a part (then it was luckily found) so it doesn’t have the proper photo-shoot for a full, usual review. However, someone did request me to do one and I decided to do one, at the benefit of further using my new phone’s camera though. Unlike the review on the BB Sinanju a few weeks back, this one is completely taken through my Samsung Galaxy S II‘s camera.

Please take note that I did not detail this model kit much due to the fact that I plan to do something to it later on although not within the near future. The most I did was paint the clear parts red and minor panel lining.

Note 1: I got this model kit as a leftover from the GG HG 1/144 Arios GNHW/M from a fellow blogger and friend - Souji Shinogane.
Note 2: It doesn’t have the display base because of that. So I’m using an action base also from TT Hongli/Gao Gao which works very well.
Note 3: You can refer to an older quick review on the Bandai version.
Note 4: Being very close to the window doesn’t fare well for the phone camera sensor. ^^;

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