Saturday, September 17, 2011

Spark Gundam Rough Build Setup

Next up... Spark Gundam. Just a minor part moving here plus an idea of how the backpack and left armguard will be. Hmhm. (Actually put this up in FB for a while but decided to cross-post it here for some content over my blog. ^^;)
TBH, I need a 00 Qan[T] body if I were to try modding this guy out.

Roughly, this is how it will be but I can't really use the 00 Gundam's body even though it is possible. It adds more work than necessary so I'll be waiting for Gao Gao to release their 00 Qan[T]. Who knows, I might even make a dual-wing-binder 00 Qan[T] for fun along the way too. =P

The Spark Gundam design goes like this;
  • Part of the Exia family, thus is focuses on melee and speed as well.
  • Incorporates latest GN technology by utilizing a miniaturized Twin Drive in the chest location.
  • Backpack wings are inspired by V2 Gundam, which the Spark Gundam is overall based on asides from Astraea-Exia-00-Qan[T].
  • The left arm has a prototype armament - GN Beam Shield. It can be a beam shield or a beam vulcan. The vulcan can used to form an unexpected beam saber as well.
That's all for this random posting~ Hopefully I can make this build a reality within the near future although I think I can only do it sometime next year rather than this year. But, who knows? Heng Kim Trading, a local shop, has most of what I need to do it now...


Zoidiect Archaea said...

nice rear mockup :D

need the front shot yo

Gundam Gunso said...

From the rear view, it looks suitable for a melee type...XD

rndm@swin said...

@ZD: Front doesn't have anything special on it, yet. You'll basically see the usual 00 Gundam at this point. ^^;

@Gunso: As intended~ =D


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