Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crossbone X-1 Cloak

Since Blade.requested for it last time, here's the best I could do with the equipment I can use while at my apartment.

The background box is just a bit bigger than a standard A4 paper while the width of the cloak is only a bit longer than a standard A4 paper. The rest is up to your imagination bro. ^^; Uploaded full size for best effect.

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blade said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have no idea how much I appreciate it, and I'm pretty sure that this will make a lot of people who got the Fullcloth Crossbone instead of the Ver. Ka very happy. There are some things that could be better such as flattening it a bit more, but honestly? I'm happy with just this, as I can pretty easily match up the ruler to make sure it's the proper scale. I'm also going to post this image on my tumblr blog (with a source and clickthrough link to you of course) if you don't mind, so that other people can see this as well. Thanks again!

CD said...

No problem. And, yes, you may. Just give the proper credits. ^^

That was pretty much all I could do since I didn't plan on taking out the Crossbone to measure the cloak that day. I did what I can with what little I had available. Lucky that my phone camera is capable enough to give this much clarity.

I couldn't really straighten the cloak since I left it "in place" for quite a long while. Ah well, hope it bodes well for you. I may mod mine to look more ragged in the future since a friend of mine is suggesting that I should (and hopefully get a nice looking result). =)

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