Saturday, September 3, 2011

This Month's Haul (Early September 2011)

Decided to get a new, "shinier", gold and silver marker by Uni Paint. They are oil based so it won't come off easily. Bought a sanding file too which was relatively cheap. Thinking that it will be important once I start to do something big later on (once the "pieces" are in my hands).

Two 007SGs from Gao Gao for a future mod build but I'll build it as normal first like the others before it so stay tune for another bootleg review~ And yes, I do already own two original Bandai ones beforehand. I mad. The BB Wing Gundam EW should be obvious too. Darn, the box is smaller than I thought yet quite thick! :O

The TT Hongli action base prove to me it was durable enough (to hold the Hi-Nu Gundoom up) so I bought some more. Good for mass need of stands which I'll be using them for. I really do prefer my Gunpla to pose dynamically to give a more "its alive" feel. =)

Semester 2 starts next week and there should be another post soon on something I didn't think of reviewing beforehand.

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