Saturday, December 12, 2009

HGUC 1/144 Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode] Review - Part 1

Price: 1800 Yen

~Life Rant~
Due to a bit of time constriction, I haven't done part 3 of the Astray Blue Frame review yet. I was thinking of something rather big for the third part but I'll have to put it off for now as I have some mid-term papers earlier next week. Nonetheless, I had some time in-between (specifically yesterday evening) to build a HG I just got earlier this week...
~End Life Rant~

Pilot: Banagher Links
More about the MS here.

Read on for the usual show of box, runners and building process.

Part 1: Box

Part 2: Box Open!

Part 3: Runners
Red polycaps and clear red runner. Very nice. Too bad beam parts were not given to this model kit...

Part 4: Building Process
Part 4.1: Torso
FYI, I painted the top of the shoulder vulcans white instead of using the sticker. I felt that it'd look better than using the sticker...
I also noticed that the beam saber holster doesn't swivel, its fixed. Kinda abnormal since most model kits of thi grade would at least let that part swivel somehow.

Part 4.2: Head
Relatively easy to build. The V-Fin comes in yellow and I decided to leave it that way.

Does it look better in yellow or does it look better if the backside is painted white like its intended to be? I think it looks better completely yellow IMHO. I also sharpened it slightly.

Part 4.3: Arms
Nothing much to say here except that the articulation of the arms are virtually the same as the MG version before it. The MG version has a double jointed elbow and can bend like any MG. This one is basically basic HG articulation. So, no disappointment there. The arm can also swing backwards... making an impossible reach for the arms due to having nothing to stop it from going the wrong way. XP

Part 4.4: Legs
I actually forgot a part for the backside of the feet and I didn't notice it until I put the whole kit together at the end so the part is missing for the rest of this section... D=

Don't be disappointed with the leg articulation. It is slightly better than the MG version before it but limited due to the way the armor is designed except for the hip to pelvis connection which uses a ball joint instead. You can try to cut some pieces of of the obstructing plastic if you dare to increase the articulation.

Part 4.5: Waist

Part 4.6: Beam Rifle & Shield
The reload cartridge is just for show and is meant to be put at the rear skirt of the Unicorn.
The shield has 2 connectors - one for it to connect to the arm and the other for it to connect to the backpack.

Part 5: Preview Shots
Even though empty handed, the Unicorn Destroy Mode just looks simply beautiful standing there. Err, does it looks like its dancing? XD

Okay, that's it for part 1. More on part 2 which I hope to be able to do by tomorrow unless my last minute studies get in the way. As for the other unfinished review, that one might be do-able by next weekend unless something else comes up. ^^;

Read on by going to part 2!


fairuzaliayen said...

wow congrats you got the unicorn destroy mode already=) anyway have you managed to play gundam vs gundam next plus? i downloaded it using isohunt however i did not manage to play it even though i have extracted and uprgraded my PSP to the latest ver. hmm looks like i may have to wait for the game to be released in local shops instead=s

CD said...

Sadly, I don't have a PSP. D=
Kinda in my to-get-list when I get enough $ once again to buy another gaming handheld/console. Unless of course, the *coughs*emulator*/coughs* works out great by next year.
PSPs are expensive. =P

The DLed game doesn't work on the PSP?

Chris said...

Luckily I already have the MG version or I'll be disappointed to find this is already sold out in Momotoys.

CD said...

@Chris: Yep, went there yesterday and the HGUC Unicorn Destroy Mode was gone already. Good thing I bought it soon enough. ^^;

mangyver5223 said...

did u planned 2 buy normal mode next time?

mangyver5223 said...

1800 yen for this guy> what its price in RM?

CD said...

Well, should be around RM70-RM80+. It was RM81 (on box price) at Momotoys. There's only normal mode left there though.

As for the normal mode, well, that depends if it is still available when I get some sufficient funds once again. ^^;

mangyver5223 said...

aww man really!?

fairuzaliayen said...

normal mode is RM68 there are few boxes left and i am sure gonna get it hehe since salray will be out early huhu


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