Sunday, December 20, 2009

HGUC 1/144 Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode] Review - Part 2

This is a continuation of part 1 here!

~Life Rant~
Sorry this took a while to get up everyone. I had some trouble with my internet connection earlier this week as well as had some mid-term papers. Busy and all that. Anyways, with some bit of time squeezing, I am able to pt up this last part. After this I'll be busy with assignment once again. Darn, if I have some more time, I may be able to build the kit I just got... which is not the [Unicorn Mode].
~End Life Rant~

Okay, lets continue on with the review!

Part 1: Height Comparisons
Yes, that empty mint bottle shall be my official height comparator!

Obviously taller than the Hi-Nu. 21.7m VS 20.0m.

Taller than Reborns... who is off scale anyways.

Not as tall as standard height 1/100 scale kits but close enough.

Part 2: Up, Left, Down, Right!
All photos onwards are taken under natural sunlight coming in through my window in the afternoon. The photos kinda get darker as they go on though. Hopefully they are clear enough for you all. ^^;

Part 2.X: Close-Up Shots
As you can see, the [Destroy Mode] is simply great to look at by just standing there, especially when light illuminates the red parts.

Part 3: Articulation & Gimmicks
Leg spread is so-so due to the limitations of the leg ball joints (ergo, not much can be done kicking-wise). The arms can go rather high up and doesn't seem to be obstructed by the shoulder vulcans.

Bending for arms and legs are about 90 degrees due to the design of the MS.

Shoulders can swivel front to back. Note that the beam sabers are fixed in position.

If you can see, there's a bit of movement at the abdomen though not so movable IMO,

You can also use the different connection for the shield to...

...put it on the back instead. This alternate connection can also be used as another way to connect the shield to the arm. Didn't do it though but its possible.

As this is [Destroy Mode], you can open up the saber compartment in the arms. However, it doesn't seem like you're supposed to play around with it since the connection is fairly simple and kinda loose feeling.

You can also put the beam rifle on the back as well. Note that the position of the rifle is suppose to be facing downwards. The upwards position was just for fun. X3

Actually, for all the shots before this... I forgot to put on the second handle! Aha, I really missed that one. ^^;

Part 4: Action!


Since the HG00 beam parts didn't fit the Unicorn's beam saber hilts, I had to use the Hi-Nu ones. Wonder if the blue looks weird on it?
Note that if you want to properly secure the beam saber hilts into the hand of the Unicorn, you'll need to position it diagonally after going in the hands or else it'll just slide off.

Part 5: Conclusion
  • Really beautiful, even just by standing there!
  • Stiff and really study joints.
  • Large in size. Nice to hold for those who don't really feel comfortable with the regular sized HGs.
  • Limited articulation.*
  • Doesn't come with its own beam parts.
*Not such a con since it affected the MG version too...

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with this HGUC. Wished it came with its own beam saber parts though but I guess Bandai just wants you to get both of the versions. Ah, money really makes the world go round.

This kit won't pose as much as say those in the HG00 line but it is one of those designs that is just nice to see (beautiful), standing there in a "Ver. Ka" pose. If you want and can, you might want to mod the legs when you get the kit yourself to give it more moving freedom. Should be simple to do as you only need to cut of some plastic. Forgot the link of where I saw an example of that though.

There are also no "moving parts" per say as most of the thrusters and so on are fixed in position.

Well, that's all for now. Going to get busy again after this. Ah, deadlines are so close now. ^^;


fairuzaliayen said...

congratulations for completing it=) just for your info if you purchase the RX 0 the unicorn mode there are two beam sabers that do fit for the destroy mode. so basically bandai is making us buy both and that's what i just did haha

CD said...

^I actually stated that at the end though. =P

Then again, a new (hopefully new mold) MG Unicorn will come out soon. I guess I might not be buying the HGUC [Unicorn Mode] after all... maybe. XP

Ben said...

Hey there, my first comment on your site, i was looking for reviews of this hguc kit that i'm currently building, its hard to tell but did you panel line this kit? i'm currently still wondering whether to panel line mine with a grey marker (which looks better than using a black marker). I could really use the advice...

CD said...

Unlike most kits out there, the Unicorn Destroy Mode doesn't need much or any (subjective) panel lines for it. Most of the details are brought out by the part separation than anything else.

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