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MG 1/100 Gundam Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise Review - Part 2

This is a continuation of the part 1 here!

Part 1: Box, Box Open, Runners & Building Process

Part 2: Height Comparisons, Articulation, Gimmicks, Action & Conclusion
Part 3: Additional Review - MG VS NG, Backpack Adapter (First Batch Item)

Phew, the photoshoot took quite a while to do as the sword really isn't that easy to pose with. This part of the review will have a ton of photos at a total of 109. O.o
Some of them are close-up shots, which caused the number to rise up but I felt like those shots should be in, so I didn't push them away for this review in the end. At any rate, prepare your scrolling fingers!

There are also some additional content in the following review, especially near the bottom, so please watch out for it! So, continue on reading~

Note: Some photos were taken using natural sunlight in the afternoon, so I hope they look okay for you all. ^^;

Part 1: Initial Shots
Took this shots right after I finished applying the clear stickers. Some of the clear stickers needs to be cut in order for them to work out especially the ones at the knee cap of the right legs.

Part 2: Height Comparisons
Its taller than the Green Frame and even the 00, even though only slightly.

Part 3: Up, Left, Down, Right!

Part 3.5: Multiple Angle Close-ups
Part 4: Articulation & Main Body Gimmicks
Looks like everyone wants to do the 00 split nowadays.

Much more stable than the MG Exia I have to say but maybe having slightly bigger feet would help make it easier to do...

Shoulders can swing forwards and backwards slightly.

Pay close attention to the side-skirt. It can be pulled out slightly to allow the legs to swing up higher.

Yep, 2 shots since I think the first one didn't show the maximum articulation of the legs. I just put up both in the end, just in case. ^^;

Note: Hand articulation is as per standard MG. Thumb, pointing finger and the last three fingers are stuck together. You may increase its articulation by splitting the last three fingers.


First method of connecting the back-plate. This is basically for flight form. It cannot turn by the joint except go up and down.

Second method of connecting the back-plate. This is basically for sword form. It can turn a whole 360 degrees and can move up and down a little less than the first method of connecting.

You can pull up the body by the abdomen to increase the articulation of the Blue Frame. This is essential for kneeling, kicking and what-not poses you may want to put it in. Very, very nice. Not advisable to do when the huge-arse sword is equipped.

EDIT: Just in case it is not obvious through the shots, the Blue Frame can also bend side-to-side by the abdomen.

Also, you'll need to pull up the body to enable the cockpit hatch to be open-able. ^^;

Part 5: Armor Schneider
Stealth combat operations?

Always a good idea to have some hidden weapons in your feet. Does that mean Gai is a ninja? O.O

Part 6: Tactical Arms II Many, Many Ways of Play
The only ways the Blue Frame or any model kit to hold the weapon with its own strength is by somehow getting support through the shoulder. You cannot hold it with the two hands either. Even if you can(I don't think so though), you may break the handle or hands. So be careful when you play with the Tactical Arms. =)

Just for fun, I tested it on my Green Frame and 00. Green Frame cannot support it on its shoulders so there wasn't really anything to show except a face-down Green Frame. XD The 00 was able to hold it well enough with shoulder support. =D

Luckily for all of us, Bandai gave the kit an action base. To my understanding, this is basically your HG action base though with some differences to enable it to connect to the large sword and pose around with it. Nonetheless, you get an action base!

You connect to the same hole as the hole that connects to the back-plate so no extra special connection for the sword!

Ack, forgot to turn the image. At any rate, you can display the sword with the base. Nice.

Not many posses you can do with the sword actually... ^^; If only we can get mechanical joints going would the kit actually be able to hold it up nicely.

Part 6.1: Sword Form to Gatling Form
Turn the handle 90 degrees and pull out the top section of the handle to get a gun-like handle.

Move the thrusters inwards.

As you are using the base, orientate the sword to a horizontal position.

Open up the sword tips andt turn them 90 degrees downwards as shown. Put the thrusters back to their original position.

See here? Take out the triangular object...

Which is actually the reload cartridge for the gatling gun. Normally, both the cartridge are supposed to be put on but due to the base, I cannot put the other one at the bottom half.


From what I can tell, this is the only long-range weapon the Blue Frame has in this variation besides its built-in head vulcans.

Part 6.2: Sword Form to Flight Form - Oh Darn, It Really Sounds Like Kamen Rider Den-O
Lets reset the sword back to normal shall we?

Pull up the handle section of the sword. Turn the handle 90 degrees as shown.

Move the thrusters inwards and pull out the fins.

Turn the handle 90 degrees as shown above.

Open up the swords tip.

Pull up the middle section of the swords tip...

...and fold it inwards!

Ta-dah! Flight form complete! Hopefully my photos and explanations are clear enough. ^^;

Part 6.X: "Bird" Form! - You Can Blame bd77 for This Idea XD
Does it look like some kind of aircraft to any of you? Its somewhat reminds me of the 0-Raiser, minus extra pilot. XP

Man and "bird", fighting together?

Part 6.3: Gatling Arm - "Vega" Form
You can pull off the sword tips and you'll be left with the Gatling Arms.

You can hold it without the base but you'll need two hands to hold it. Not many poses possible but at least its nice to see a nearly standard size shooting weapon, eh?

Part 6.4: Sword Arms - "Rod" Form
If you've read part 1, it should be obvious the Tactical Arms can be separated into a few parts. Anyways, this are the Sword Arms which can be kinda held up by the Blue Frame.

Pull out the two connectors...

...and connect them to the arms and hand.

Then, apply the beam parts. Oof, that added some extra forward weight to the overall kit. Not a good thing. D=

Took me a while to balance the Blue Frame to do this pictured-on-box shot. As such, the Sword Arms works like tonfas I guess? >.>;

"Pierce the heavens!"

I had no choice, action base set up! Its way more pose-able with an action base. No need to frust with the balancing and all. ^^;

Part 6.5: Gun/Arrow Form?
Anyone likes archery? Looks like Gai does too? XD

Part 6.6: Scissors/Cutting Form? - "Rider Cutting!"
I don't think you want to be at the end of those huge-arse "scissors. XD

Part 6.7: More Huge-Arse Sword Action
What's the best way to huge a large sword? Thrust into the enemy with it of course!

Part 7: Conclusions
  • Huge-arse sword!
  • Great articulation
  • Stiff/Strong joints
  • Good sense of balance*
*The Blue Frame seem to have a weird center of gravity without the sword on it, like it wants to fall face down most of the time or something. It could just be me though.

  • The huge-arse sword is difficult to hold and pose around with (action base provided may null this)
Overall, this model kit doesn't really have that many downsides! Maybe the inability to hold the sword up without support may hinder you judgment upon this model kit, but I don't think its possible anyways even with the current modeling technology we have now. At least they gave an action base to support the sword which should nullify the weaight problem with the sword.

In conclusion, its one of those must buy MGs of the year 2009 especially if you love over-sized, overkill weapons(like most do) or just like the SEED Astras side-story.

Well, that ends the review for the model kit so far. A bit more will be covered in part 3 such as a closer comparison with the NG Astray and the additional backpack adapters which happens to be a limited item that not all might get. Err, yeah.

Until, the next post~


fairuzaliayen said...

great review now it somehow becomes like a must get! haha

CD said...

Well, it is a "must get kit of 2009" IMHO. =D
@_@ Buy, buy, buy~ XD

fairuzaliayen said...

joseph (momotoys) told me the other day when i puchased my HG Destroy uniCORN "buy first regret later" hahaha you know what i even did this... i skipped lunch to save money for gunplas (and that is from a man no i am still a boy who is working!) hahahahaha

orewa gundam!!!!

CD said...

Haha, well, there are always sacrifices when you want to buy such stuff since we're not rich after all. XP

Anonymous said...

Man it was fun reading your review :D This kit is indeed better than MG Exia!! Didn't know the back pack had so many extra configurations lol ^^ Bird mode!!

Ada said...

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Chris said...

The center of gravity you mentioned maybe be caused by Blue Frame's legs, which may explained why it falls face first. ^^;

Haha, so now your Tactical Arms shall be called 'Huge-arse sword'. You said it 4 times in the review.

CD said...

@Chris: Maybe you're right about that. I could be due to the legs design. Maybe they should have been a lil' bit more fatter...

Yeah, nicknames FTW. XP

Anonymous said...

Awesome review and provided great information and detail for me!

I recently got and built this kit and because I am a noob at kit making in general, I have some questions about the stickers that maybe you can answer.

First there are three sticker sheets that I have; one that is metallic one that is light green and one that has a separate sheet attached(somehow) to the back of it. I am wondering what that third sheet is and how to apply it(if you understand what I'm talking about ha ha ^____^;)

thanks so much!

CD said...

@lambertz: The first set of stickers are the standard stickers. FYI, if you don't like the metallic stickers for the shoulder armor(the green ones), you can also use the stickers from the clear sticker sheet as well.

The one with an extra (white) sheet attached to it are the decals, specifically dry transfer decals (try Bing/Google if you don't know what that is). They are optional to put on. There are technically not stickers and you'll need to press onto the surface you want to apply it on to put them on. Something like those cheap tattoo stickers that comes with bubblegum in the past.

The third sheet you're referring to are probably the clear stickers. There are optional just like the decals. You'll need something thin and sharp to help you pull out these stickers. A simple stationary knife will do the trick here. They should be easier to put on than decals. Some of them will require some cutting once you put on the Astray since they kinda overlap some moving parts.

The application of the decals and clear stickers can be seen at the two last pages of the manual.

I didn't apply my decals for my Astray since decals can be a pain if you apply them wrongly. ^^;

Hopefully I understood you right and you get what I'm saying also. >.>

Anonymous said...

@CD: Thank you so much!


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