Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just Got Back, 2010 is Fast Approaching

Oh wow, how can time go by so fast? In just 2 more days, we'll enter a new year - 2010. How'll it be, we don't know yet but many Gunplas are coming in next year and my wallet's crying dry tears already.

Anyways, this is just a short post as I'm quite exhausted from the trip. Too lazy to upload any photos of the trip and some of the stuff bought (with sacrifices to the savings x.x). Anyways, I did get quite the haul as well as for some of my family members, though each person's haul was quite different. ^^

Preview notes:

  • MG Victory wasn't available at Graffity Toys. Bought 2 previously released HGUCs instead.
  • Barely went to Cameron Highlands.
  • Went to Kinokuniya.
  • Visited Pavilion.
  • Went to Lowyat.
  • Went to Chow Kit.
Can you guess what I bought? Yes, I know Gamer Arena sold the MG Victory but the price was too close to the price I can get here that I didn't feel the worth (plus luggage space problems).

Okay, more tomorrow unless a something huge I got from Chow Kit keeps me occupied enough...



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