Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back to School

Semester breaks don't last forever and mine sure didn't. Sad that it had to end so soon but I pretty much enjoyed my 2 month break. Did nothing major but it was all good. ^^

Met some new people online, especially some fellow bloggers through the chatroom, and got closer to those who ever commented on my blog or those whose blogs I've commented on. Social interactions are important since I barely went out during the break (don't really drive myself and don't really have a car that's guarantee not to die on me). >.>;

Anyways, yesterday was the first day and nothing much went on, not yet anyways. There aren't any tutorials for the first week, just introductory lectures, so I still have ample of free time his week before the storm brews in with many deadlines and exams to do. Hopefully I'll survive degree successfully as it sure won't be as "easy" as Foundation.

Also, I went to Momotoys again - local hobby shop. I was a bit disappointed that nothing much came in for a while but luckily many packages came right before I had to leave for my next class. I helped out a bit since I was there and all and saw many many great stuff. Some of you may just go into rage mode touching them. S.I.C Kabuto, Figma Reimu, Nendo Drossel, MG GN-X, HGUC ReZEL, RD Bonta-kun, RD Unicorn Destroy Mode and many more.
Even though the huge un-boxing was done there, I wasn't allowed to buy any of the new stocks yet since I think the boss of the shop needs to check first. Ah well, at least I know what I want currently and can plan my current budget. Unluckily, the very hoped for HG 007S/G wasn't together with the rest. They got a lot of HGUC Unicorns restocked though.

To make it more crazy, there were practically more than 10 Nendo Drossels that came in. Some Tamashii Nation limited stuff as well, though I guess they are already booked by another regular. ^^;

Closing the day, I was brought to a kopitiam by my father and drank a different colored Teh C Peng Special. Special indeed. XD

Well, that's all for now. Since the 007S/G hasn't arrived yet, I guess my budget says "yes" to the ReZEL first and maybe a RD if all goes well... I really like most of the Zeta based suits, even if its "nicknamed" Mr. Hardon. Tomorrow~ =D

BTW, since I'm back to school, I won't be updating my blog as frequently as during the break. Expect around 1-2 posts per week or nothing at all if the assignments pile up amongst subjects by May.


fairuzaliayen said...

i am really going to momotoys after i assess my students today=) thanks bro+) joseph has not been updating his blog for new stocks recently though..

chubbybots said...

Ah back too school ^^ I can only say all the best for the new semester mate :D Been a pleasure getting to know you more through the chat room too.

Mr hardon lol!!! Rezel Hardo gay version...

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

hardon lol

work hard lol


mangyver5223 said...

@ CD: Last sunday,I went to town.I would like to ask this to you:Do you want to buy TT Hongli MG Sinanju at RM 178++ or MG rx-78-2 Gundam at RM 110++ or BB sengokuden at RM9.80 or HG Seed series at RM 22.80? all are TT Hongli kits and for detail where i've found it, visit my blog.The best thing is i got complete set of 00 series (1-50) given from my good friend.

CD said...

@fairul: No prob. I just happened to be there when the stocks arrived. ^^

@chubbs: Thanks. =)

@ZD: Yeah, effort needed soon.

@mangyver: The BB Sangokuden and HG SEED are priced okay but the MGs are kinda expensive personally. Erm, what do you mean by complete set from your friend? You're getting all of them from him, 50 Gunpla? O.o

mangyver5223 said...

nope. i meant that i just got 50 complete series of 00 anime

Anonymous said...

Ahh..going back to school. I know the feeling. During my 3 month holiday I was so bored out of my mind and I somehow looked forward to going back to school, but when school started I was looking for holidays even before the week ended @_@ hahahahah

Good luck and all the best dude! T'was fun and crazy randomness in that chatroom xD I take it we're gonna see less of you around the chatroom now?

And LOL at mr Hardon ReZEL xD

fairuzaliayen said...

thanks to your info i got my ReZel from momotoys just now... looking forward to build it if i have the time which i practically dont haha

moemoekyun said...

Lot's of pain for wallet this year

CD said...

@mangyver: Ah, I see. Enjoy yourself while watching it. ^^

@Faddy: I was somewhat looking forward to go back to school as well, more time OUTSIDE home. XD

@fairul: No prob. Haha, we all don't have much time nowadays.

@moe: Truth. Gunpla 30th Anniversary.. Bandai's greatest weapon...

heathorn said...

At first I thought you got several MG GNX, hahaha so those are the new items for the store.

btw how come teh C can be green in color?

CD said...

@heat: I so wish those were mine. X3
As for the Teh C... I think it is because it had seaweed or something. Still sweet though. o.O

Anonymous said...

Holiday end fast .......
The drink look nice in a sense.

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