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MG 1/100 Shining Gundam Review - Part 2

This is a continuation of part 1 here.

Sorry for the lateness of this second and final part. I was occupied with a certain MMO Close Beta 2 and last night I've finally started playing Mass Effect 2. I'll still be occupied after this as I'm pretty hooked with ME2 for the time being, I really like how the interactions and the story is panning out. ^^;

I won't say the photo taking session for the Shining Gundam was perfect however, I made a few mistakes especially at the legs for the transformation. I'll tell you what it is as you read on. I don't really have the mood to fix them since there are too many pictures to retake if I want "perfect" shots.

Okay, read on for the articulation, gimmicks, action, comparisons and conclusion!

Note: There are some Youtube videos embedded into this post. Only watch them if you dare to be spoiled (unless you've seen the series).

Part 1: Comparisons
Did the empty bottle of mint became taller...?

Obviously God Gundam is taller. ^^

Just a bit taller than the Crossbone...
OMG! Looks like...

Suddenly 00 looks way taller.
Yep, Shining Gundam is short. ^^;

My tallest HG - Unicorn [Destroy Mode].
However, it doesn't mean it is a total disappointment. You actually won't feel the smallness until you actually compare it with some other Gundams.

Part 2: Up, Left, Down, Right!
Even though it is a rather old MG, it is molded pretty well. Color accuracy isn't all that accurate (like those rear yellow thrusters...) but it looks pretty nice just being a OOB build. It has a complete inner frame! Of course, it just doesn't have those movable fingers...

Part 3: Articulation & Gimmicks
For all the MGs in the G Gundam line, all of them can move their shoulders a lot to the front. A LOT.

There is no cockpit hatch in front actually as the cockpit is in the Core Lander which slots into the back of the Gundam. As for what I'm showing you here is the part where you can push the chest inwards to... poses like this. ^^

It has a fair amount of waist articulation which is only hindered by the skirts to turn a full 360 degrees. The neck articulation is pretty much your usual MG fare.

The thrusters can move. Sadly the white parts are immovable... as they are supposed to move when it goes into Shining Mode (anime-wise). I guess it wasn't do-able at that time.

The articulation right now is nothing impressive nowadays. It was great when it was released but it has already been 7~8 years since then. ^^; Even HGs can do it.

The one unfortunate thing here is how the front skirts prevent the legs from going a little bit higher.

Then again, it can still do a decent kneeling pose. =)

If you want, you can turn the arm guards around however it will tend to pop out if you turn it too much. ^^;

Part 4: Action!
Shining PUNCH!

Shining KICK!

Shining CHOP!


Part 5: Super Mode!
*insert emotions peaking here*

Open up the fins on the head.

Switch, yes switch, the faceplate to the Super Mode's ones. You may need sharp nails to help you to pull out the faceplate...

Open up the shoulder armor and move out the arm guards.

Open up the leg thrusters and move out the soles. The one thing I missed to do was to push down the "fins" of the ankle armor. My bad.

Super Mode!

Part 6: Gundam Fight!
I left the Shining Gundam in Super Mode because I didn't want to switch the face plates too often. As for the opponent choice... well, it was the best one I can think of. ^^;

Ready! Go!!!

AHEAD: It's not over yet!

Domon: This hand of mine glows in an awesome power!

Domon: Its burning grip tells me to defeat you!

Domon: Shining...

Domon: FINGER!!!


Part 7: Shining & God
See the similarities and differences!

In terms of articulation, they are both virtually the same considering they were created using similar tech. The God Gundam takes the prize in the end though thanks to more breath at the hips thanks to a thinner front skirt.

Different thruster placements. However, God Gundam's can work without opening (although less effective when closed) unlike Shining Gundam's which must be opened.

I initially thought I can switch the Core Landers but the sizes are different...

Super Mode and Hyper Mode!

Part 9: More Super Mode!
Sekiha... Tenkyoken!

Boxart pose.

Take this! My love, my anger and all of my sorrow!

(beam part borrowed from God Gundam)

Part 10: Conclusion
  • Amazing sturdiness! The only parts that will normally fall off when playing is merely either the hands or the side skirts! The MGs from the G Gundam are VERY playable.
  • Long term durability. Sagging parts? Of course not. Shining, no the whole MG G Gundams, can last a lot of wear and tear thanks to the use of screws.
  • Locking mechanism for some of the joints.
  • Very reasonable price @ 2500 Yen.
  • Made in 2002, the articulation isn't up to today's standard.
  • Super Mode parts do not lock. Minor problem though.
  • Need to switch face plates between modes.
  • Some color inaccuracy.
  • No movable MG finger hands.
Overall, the Shining Gundam is very good. For that price, for the time it was made and just for that amazing Shining Finger hissatsu waza, its just great! It may not be as articulated as MGs of today but this is one of these model kits that can outlast any of the model kits of today in terms of wear and tear. I won't suggest you to buy it though as the HG line will soon have an updated God Gundam (and hopefully the rest of the cast) which shows promise of better articulation which the G Gundams truly need.

However, if you want a great MG and don't care about the articulation so much, this is one of the best you can get at a nice low price of 2500 Yen! A good MG choice for those who want a MG but do not want to spend upwards to 5000 Yen. It may not be a good starter model kit due to the usage of screws however.

That's all for this review. Hopefully I covered everything since I feel I may have forgotten something due to gaming. ^^;

Until the next post~


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

Ahead : why me??

wait, you put real GN-Drive to Ahead lol

Anonymous said...

-_- Ahead is always the one that suffer.Shining Finger ^_^ and there goes the head.

chubbybots said...

You are right about the sturdiness of the joints. My brothers' one was like 5 years old already and still no problem with the joints!!

haha you are like video king in this many youtube epicness XD

moemoekyun said...

G- gundam nostalgic :D
poor ahead hahhaha
they dancing right ??

MaftyNavue said...

Uwoh.. is Mass Effect 2 good?
I really want to play that.. but dunno if my head can take it or not..
2 games at the same time ahaha..

You remind me of my certain friend who also like Shining gundam..
it's indeed awesome.. well the others in the series is... well..
some are okay, but some.. I can't accept them.. ahaha..

Zeon_Two_Six said...

The fight scene with the Ahead reminded me of Z's Exia battling it out with the Unicorn... XD

Click here to find out why... >>(">)

P.S. Are you going to get the MG Wing Gundam, by chance?

mangyver5223 said...

wowza! looks awesome!

CD said...

@ZD: The AHEAD is officially my battle victim. XD

I lost its toothpick saber that I painted red so I had to use the GN-X's beam saber instead. ^^;

@kei: That's what happens to AHEADs here. XP

@chubbs: I evaluated it based on my God Gundam for that though. It has nearly been one year since construction and still great as when it was just built unlike most of my other kits...

@moe: XD
Well, if you call fighting a "dance", the yes, they are "dancing".

@Mafty: I like the story and the game isn't so hard under the easiest difficulty setting (I'm terrible at FPS games). It isn't a flat out FPS game like COD or Modern Warfare as it has some RPG elements. ^^

I really like how Shining Gundam was designed and like it a bit more than God Gundam but I like all the Gundams made by Neo Japan including the one time used Rising Gundam. =)

@Zeon: Well, it is the Shining Finger attack after all. It goes for the head. XP

As for the MG Wing, I'll wait and see first since the price is kinda steep looking right now.

@mangyver: Glad you like the Shining Gundam too. ^^

Z said...

don't be surprised if you see a rndm (heh) spike in traffic to your Shining Gundam pages xD. I'll be jumping back and forth to it as I work on mine ^^. Using yours as a reference since it is the only one that is super informative :D

Z said...

I do not like how the chest caves in... >_>

CD said...

@Z: Haha, thanks. XP

Same here, quite annoying when posing about and you just happen to hold the chest area... At least it covers up the top of the chest better than the G did though. ^^


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