Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Robot Damashii Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode] Review

Price: 3500 Yen
(A good price comparison for this is the MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka which costs just as much.)

Wow, talk about sudden purchases! After hearing about the greatness that Robot Damashii (RD) provides, especially in playability, I couldn't resist getting one. With the more choices now available at Momotoys, I was able to get certain RD figures. Actually, if you're in Kuching and looking for figures, go there as the stocks are starting to overflow (2nd Floor, The Spring)!

New stocks came in this Monday and I got the RD Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode] after lots of thought and staring at it for two days.

Unicorn: Finally!
Me: ^^;
Wallet: *burp*

Before going on with the review, I suggest a quick peak at my previous reviews on the HGUC Unicorn first. It will help you understand some of the stuff I'll state in the following review.
HGUC Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode] - Part 1 - Part 2
HGUC Unicorn Gundam [Unicorn Mode] - Part 1 - Part 2

Okay, onto the review~
Caution: I couldn't do much close-ups or really detailed shots for it unfortunately as my camera really didn't want to close in as much as I wanted due to its *COUGHS*15cm macro*COUGHS* and its starting to act a bit more fussy... might be due to age and usage. I better don't get the HGUC Loto... it'll sure be hard to photoshoot that one... hopefully I'll be able to get a new camera by May. ^^;

EDIT (16/03/10): Added an additional note about the material of the figure. For those who have read before, I'm just saying that the figure isn't 100% made of the rubber composite material. Just saying since I felt that I might have or will mislead some of you. ^^;

Special Note: I'm just calling it a 'rubber composite material' since it 'feels' like it is made of rubber to me. According to further analysis, the softer and more flexible parts seem to be made of PVC or soft plastic. Sorry for not being accurate on this since this is my first 'action figure' in a while. Then again, I don't think I read up on what 'toys' are made up off. Always think they are made of plastic and whatnot. XP

Part 1: Box & Packaging
To be frank, this is my first time reviewing something like this so expect a less spectacular review than usual. ^^;

The box is quite small but it isn't the smallest RD box around. for those who has bought Figmas or Nendoroids, the box size is around that.

All the parts are neatly packed in. The manual is also packed in plastic as well! I don't really know why they need to do that but the manual, a single piece of paper with one page of instructions, needs to be wrapped in a a plastic bag?!

It doesn't have movable hands, obviously, so are given a handful of hands to use. Closed fists, trigger finger hands, beam saber hands and open hands. Other than that, part swapping parts for the gatlings and shield.

Part 2: Comparisons
I bet many of you would like to see this...

Hmmm, my mint bottle is getting bigger every... wait...

Yes, the RD is definitely shorter than the HGUC.

Do not fret, it is as big as a standard HG as they are about 12cm++. So for those who have a normal height HG should know the size already.

Part 3: Up, Left, Down, Right Plus Diagonal Shots
From the shots above, you should have noticed that the red parts are not clear. Why is that so? Is it because RD was lazy? Not so. The reason is that majority of the Unicorn body is made of a rubber composite material similar to the Gashapon! There are still normal plastic used about the body (the connections) and the armaments (so no, you cannot bend the weapons). This makes the body a bit more flexible than model kits and can be pushed further a bit. But, seriously, don't overdo it even if it is possible.

Part 4: Articulation & Gimmicks WITH HGUC Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode] Comparisons
Shoulder articulation. Can you see it? The beam saber handles can swivel around unlike the HGUC!

Arm and leg bending articulation. The RD can bend further due to...

This little gimmick. It allows more headroom for the knee. Neat little gimmick there which I wish could be implemented in the model kit version too. It also can make the Unicorn taller. ^^

Superior articulation right there folks! Sadly the feet can't move much due to the armor design.

The reason for that is due to the different hip connections. The RD has a double jointed hip connection while the HGUC has a simple single jointed hip connection.
They are both ball joints but the RD can pull off a full split. O.O

The rear skirt armor can move on the RD while the HGUC one does not. The RD also comes with two beam magnum reload clips. It also has some amazing abdomen articulation there similar to MG Gundam Astray Blue Frame. The thrusters, at the bottom, can also move!

The better elbow articulation also means that it can grab the beam saber much better. HOWEVER, due to the way the hands work*, you'll need to pull out the beam saber hilt first and put it inside the right hands. The hands don't just slide in like model kits do.

The most disappointing part! The waist can barely turn!*** Even worst, it rubs off against the front skirt thus making it difficult to flip the skirts up! Due to that, I normally have to pull out the front skirt and realign it for certain poses... Is that mine only or some design flaw? The HGUC doesn't suffer from this though.

***Note: It can turn more than that actually but it rubs against the front skirts... real annoying there. @_@

Unlike the HGUC, the shield can open and close just like the MG! There are also two holes for the shield to connect to the arm or the back, depending on the connector used.

*Note : Unlike model kit hands, there is no open close function. To put the weapons into the hands, you simply stretch the fingers carefully and slide the weapon you want in as the hands are also made of a rubber composite material.

Part 5: Action!
Unicorn kick!

Unicorn PUNCH?

The RD beam magnum is similar to the HGUC beam magnum. It has a weird blue spot at the bottom though but that doesn't seem to be a painting error... it also can't clip on the backpack.

*insert gatling noises here*

Self explanatory. Part swapping needed for the two ways of usage. There is also a second handle and a scope which both can move but I didn't really showcase them.

Familiar poses anyone?

The bazooka was rather... disappointing. Its just a simple bazooka with with a second handle. It can't even hook to the backpack.

Lovely beam saber action. Sadly the beams are clear and not colored... I wonder why not? They do have some sparkle in them and are longer than the HGUC Unicorn's beams.

Borrowed from HGUC Unicorn. ^^
It looks somewhat awesome and I can't deny that.

Exia: How dare you take the spotlight in this house! I'm the favorite here!
Unicorn: Hah! Feeling the inferiority already? My OVA is overshadowing your presence!
Exia: Urgh! ...wait until my movie gets aired in September!
Unicorn: You don't even appear in that!
Exia: ...!

Exia: >_<
*the winner is dependent on your imagination*

Enter "Full Arms" Unicorn... well, sort-of.

Part 6: More Comparisons Between RD & HGUC
No matter how I look at it, the HGUC looks more stunning than the RD. This is quite obvious as RDs are meant for play than just for display. Well, getting either one really depends on you, the buyer...

Part 7: Conclusion
  • Good paint job
  • Well articulated except for waist area...
  • Complete armaments for Unicorn**
  • Rubber composite material which results in extra flexibility - the V-Fin is also made of rubber! (there an optional plastic V-Fin if you want to use a more solid one)
  • Justifiable price @ 3500 Yen
**Note: HGUC Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode] comes with the beam magnum, fixed shield, one beam magnum reload cartridge and no beam parts. The rest of its armaments requires you to buy the [Unicorn Mode]. There are no gatlings for the HGUC currently.

Additional Note: The whole body isn't made entirely of the rubber composite material, only sections that matter such as the soles of the feet, V-Fin, hands, leg thrusters and so on. Most of the parts at the torso are mainly plastic. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. ^^;

  • Waist can barely turn and rub against front skirts
  • Does not use red clear parts which seems possible
  • Uncolored clear beam parts
If you're not looking forward to build model kits or want a more complete Unicorn Gundam, this RD is for you! It is more articulated than the HGUC and even the MG! However, the only drawback is the waist... WHY?! It was almost perfect in terms of articulation! It also makes the front skirts hard to flip... Otherwise, the rest of the figure is pretty neat.

Recommended or not recommended? I recommend this one if you're looking for something to play with and just want this awesome Gundam with its full equipment. I do have to say you might get one with some obvious nub marks sometimes but that can be easily fixed or might go unnoticed. Mmmm... new toy smell... *_*

Okay, that's all for this first ever Robot Damashii review on this blog! I may get more in the future as RD has a few more Gundams I really want that aren't available in model kit form... however, it depends on availability as the stock for RDs is completely random and uncertain plus whether I truly want them. ^^;


moemoekyun said...

want *_* hahah jk
-_- clear white as beam part
RD more worth money tho although it's smaller it's painted,etc,etc

mangyver5223 said...

is the RD is same like mobile suit in action?

MaftyNavue said...

I dunno is rubber a pros or cons.. I can't describe it.. a rubber material? are all of RDs are use rubber material? but judging for the size and level of detail RD is really awesome..
not only they also have a powerful lineup..
but still can't defeat HGUC eh?

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

haha clear beams
maybe they wanna let people to color it pink/blue lol ^^

chubbybots said...

Heh rndm, maybe you wanna try putting some decals on it to enhance the look like this guy :D

Think will be a good avenue to improve the looks :D

Marzz said...

Can it transform? I thought it could?

LEon said...

At least unicorn don't really require much painting. LOL

rndm said...

@moe: Yeah, it is quite worth it. Quite satisfied. ^^

@mangyver: In a way, yes, they are similar.

@Mafty: Rubber is a pro due to the extra flexibility not due to it just being rubber. I'm not sure if all of them use the same material but it is safe to assume they do for flexibility's sake. They are meant to be played with and rubber is far more durable than plastic...

The RD and HGUC Unicorns does have their own share of pros and cons but I won't say that the HGUC beats the RD. It totally depends on what you're expecting. ^^
IMHO, HGUC looks better while the RD poses better.

@ZD: Probably, since Sunrise/Bandai can't make up their minds. Now the beams are blue? WTF?

@chubbs: Maybe I would if I can get some water slides. But, maybe I shouldn't since I'll mostly be playing with it. XD

@Marzz: Only the HCM Pro can transform. The RD one does not transform except for the shield. ^^;

@LEon: True. Very true. =)

Anonymous said...

Gating Gundam ^^
The Red look way better then the HGUC or MG,maybe because the Red don't even look like Red or Pink that much.

heathorn said... RD wins in terms of articulation.

thx for the review rndm!

CD said...

@kei: Well, the RD doesn't use clear plastic and the red sections are painted with metallic red. I guess that makes it look darker than either the HGUC or MG.

@heat: No problem. ^^

Anonymous said...

Wow... RD's are small.. And the torso twist. orz

But still, it looks good.

Nightslash3535 said...

Granted that, Unicorn Gundam is one of the larger Gundams out there, it's no surprise that the HGUC kit towers over the Robot Damashii, because the figures are consistently 125mm tall.

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