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HGUC 1/144 ReZEL Review - Part 1

Price: 2000 Yen

Phew, finally I can put up the first part of this review! I didn't really had the free time to actually do it due to my school starting up again. I'm not very busy yet so I'm able to build and review this beautiful kit... that has a really obvious hard-on which I feel should be cut off due to inappropriateness or to just leave it there as its trademark. XD


This is a Mass Produced Transformable Mobile Suit based on the Zeta Gundam. It is used by E.F.S.F. (Earth Federation Special Forces). For more information, watch or read the Unicorn series!

Read on for the usual box, box open, runners and building process review~

Part 1: Box

Part 2: Box Open!

Part 3: Runners

Nice, long beam sighted!

Comes in a a pair.

D1 and D2 are actually pair runners except D2 has a few more other parts.

00 polycaps and clear stickers! Nice! ^_^

The manual - the usual HGUC manual.

Part 4: Building Process
Part 4.1: Torso
Nothing much to say except that the torso is very broad. It really gives it a more manly presence. XD

Part 4.2: Head
Clear pink part for the face! The "eye" sticker is under the clear piece which creates a really nice effect. Good job there Bandai.

If you look closely, it seems to have a semi-V-Fin. Hmmm... anyone wants to lengthen a V-Fin for the ReZEL to turn it into a Gundam? XD

Part 4.3: Arms
Usual HG arms with the usual HG articulation. Wished it had a pair of open hands though. ^^;

Part 4.4: Legs
I forgot to lay out one of the parts for the ankles in this shot. Sorry~

No, the pipes aren't shiny... no, I didn't paint them! Okay, I did, but only slightly with a trick to give it a simple shine instead of flat out silver.

Transformable MS always have great leg articulation (in terms of bending). ReZEL included. ^_^

Part 4.5: Waist
Painted the V white instead of using the yellow sticker given. Since the ReZEL DOES NOT have tint of yellow on it normally, I opted for white to contrast it better. The side skirts connect to the hips instead of the waist unit by the way. I also painted the vents at the edge of the front skirts white.

Part 4.6: "Backpack"
These parts goes to the back of the ReZEL. The large thrusters can move quite a lot but are rather loose. The thrusters in the sensor unit also can move a bit but not much. There are also handles on the wing binders which I'll show how it is used later.

Part 4.7: Beam Rifle, Shield & Beam Saber
CAUTION!: Be EXTREMELY careful when cutting the beam rifle parts out! It seems that if you don't pay enough attention you WILL cut off the barrel! I, in fact, did this so I know. Luckily some superglue was able to remedy it... ORZ.

Kinda annoying that there is only one beam part though...
Yes, the pipes on the beam rifle is shiny'd as well with a similar trick as the leg pipes.

Preview 1
The finished ReZEL. Gotta love the improved articulation thanks to the 00 polycaps. =)

Part 4.8: Transformation Parts
The HGUC ReZEL doesn't actually transform so you'll need to swap some parts and these are the parts you'll need to transform it to Wave Rider mode.

Preview 2
This is how it looks like transformed with the "leftover" body part holding on it with the handles on the wing binders. XP I'll explain the transformation in the next part and I find it quite simple but annoying as you'll need to swap parts between modes.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

You CUT the rifle's barrel? O_O

Lol. An MS riding itself. You don't see those around anywhere. XD

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

zombie on a taxi!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, pass through your blog and it's nice. ReZel have commander type now. LoL!

moemoekyun said...

bandai should make twin set for this kit with one in MS and one in wave rider 3000 yen hahaha

Marzz said...

LOL. MS riding on it's own body. reminds me of SD unicorn XD

Choo Sie LIang said...

Its remind me the HG kyrios,anyway will u get the commanderv type?

manyver5223 said...

man, Transformation of HG REZEL actually same with my HG Zeta because removing upper body part. Yeah ,I think that REZEL copy the design of Methuss in terms of muchin RM actually?

CD said...

@bd: Yeah. @_@ Luckily it was fixable with some superglue.
Yep, ReZEL can ride himself...

@ZD: ReZEL zombies!

@Wen: Thanks. ^^

@moe: That be nice but I don't think they will let them go for 3000 Yen. XP

@Marzz: The Unicorn series is funny like that. XD

@Liang: Yep, gonna get the Commander too. Might as well get it anyways. ^^

@mangyver: The ReZEL is part of the Zeta family which starts from the Methuss as stated in the manual. =) The price tag reads RM90.

Evaritus Lau said...

Nice review bro got here. Now I know exactly what should I do on my ReZEL next.


Mike said...

nice review bro. I'm waiting for the Commander unit and then get the GFF one then I can have both unit and both form! I have the gundam decal #76 for HGUC for unicorns which can be applied for this ReZeL too. Guess that would make this model more Ver.Ka-ish.

heathorn said...

thx for the review rndm!
hm...judging from the pics, seamlines are only at the rifles?
that's very nice ^^

MaftyNavue said...

we, really need a MG for this kit..

CD said...

@Evaritus: Thanks. ^^

@Mike: Wow, you're getting the GFF. Nice. Also, thanks. =)

@heat: Obvious seams are seen at the shoulder armor, sensor unit (nose cone?) and the rifle. Yep, ReZEL doesn't have many obvious seams. ^^

@Mafty: That'd be awesome and somehow I can see it happening. o.o

Anonymous said...

Hmmm Rezel transformation not is better then swapping part not as loose as transforming .

Tsukinari said...

woot.. ninja !

wow.. thats is risky.. i have to be carefull when cutting the rifle >_<

Anonymous said...

man, this is juil, hahaha, okay, i'll post mine soon.

oh, jsut a question, where did you get this? it looks a lot like methuss, haha


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