Friday, March 26, 2010

Random Life Stuff & So On

Phew, looks like my blog was rather dead thanks to me going to school once again. Well, that can't be helped, it isn't like I have all the time in the world to update (or actually make content) for this blog for the time being.

This post isn't much but some blurps on some interesting and uh-oh moments of my life. A life post if you may but not one that is too terribly detailed.

Read on for... real life stuff. XD

Random Add-On!:
A small gallery on my SD Gundam Exia! I just painted some parts with some Gundam Markers. It ain't that good actually but I'm pretty much happy with the final result. Did this last year actually and took it out just now for a short random photoshoot. ^^

Where Art Thou My Lunch?
Lunch is hard to get at the university's cafeterias nowadays. With the high number of students now in Swinburne, your lunch can take up to 30 minutes before it comes to you! Since the Foundation students has just came in this week, it made this all the worst... Well, it is this bad since one of the cafeterias shut down this year. >.<

WTF is Wrong with the Microphone?
During the second week of lectures, there was constant problems with the microphone causing broken voices and static noises. Nothing major though but it disrupted some of the lectures that week.

Setsuna is Definitely a Yo-Yo Meister Around Here...
Picture says all folks. XD

New Computers in the Open Labs
The one good thing about this year is that the university has opened some new open labs equipped with speedier computers with large 22" monitors! Of course, you can't play games here or those "not recommended" stuff or else your can get screwed. The room is empty here because I arrived at the campus at about 7am due to having to send my sister as well to school.

The Tower of Good Teamwork?
One of the subjects we business students have to take is Organization Management (OM)... and I have to say the assignment is gonna be one huge pain (a huge organization of 25)! Especially since I'm an important person this time due to my apparent artistic skill (they want me to do the poster and logo for the service we're gonna do)! I can't deny I can draw but doing something like a poster may be a little out of my league... lets hope this will go through well. I'm still saying that the poster can be made from already existing photos! >.<

Sudden But Not Really Sudden Purchase
Bought the Robot Damashii Turn A under my sister's request after the funds (provided by my sister herself) was at a spendable level. She has been egging me to buy this since I told her of its existence and since the budget was open, I pulled the trigger finally. I bought it at a really reasonable price, almost as cheap as when I grabbed the MG Shining Gundam (hint: 2007 rates). XD

I already took some photos for a review but it is still incomplete. I dunno when the actual review will be done though but don't expect it to come out anytime soon or this month or next even.

Pokemon Heart Gold
Since the NDS is very easy to bring around and it is not wrong to bring it to the campus, I frequently play my game in-between breaks. My game progress isn't anything impressive but I'm doing the Lake of Rage part of the story. As per a few people's suggestions, I also tried out a certain program for some EVs and IVs boosting and help in easier Pokemon capture even though I don't necessarily need to do it but it doesn't hurt to try it out.

Facebook: Social City
I've been going on my FB account quite frequently lately due to this Sim City like game. It is much simpler but can really be time consuming and practically hell to load at my own home. I normally play while multitasking other stuff at the campus so it doesn't really wastes my free time (it is the 'in' game currently I guess). If you want my FB, you have to get my own personal approval of close friendship first and understand how random I can really be... (FYI, my current avatar on this blog, my secondary blog and my Deviantart is the only clue I'll be giving to all of you, you can't find me by nickname nor real name.) XP

That's all for this not so extravagant post. I don't think I can actually do any reviews for the time being or any long posts as my team members of my OM assignment group kinda need me and another one wants to be done ASAP even though the deadline is miles away. ^^;

Ah well, lets all hope for the best~


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

i know your FB!!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep us update but don't forget to study too! LOL at the Setsuna face playing yoyo!

moemoekyun said...

woah turn A gundam. I wnat the moonlight butterfly effect tho ^^

Choo Sie LIang said...

Setsuna : I , Setsuna f Seiei..Celestial Being,"yoyo meister"

Anonymous said...

-_- Setsuna YoYo is attacking places with gachapon lol,RD look real short compare to MG =X

CD said...

@ZD: I guess it was easy since you had 'that person' in your list already. XP

@Wen: Yeah, lotsa work to do for now. @_@
Imagine his yo-yo going Trans-AM!

@moe: I kinda want to get that if it ever arrives over here but 'limited' stuff tends to price higher... do want the Turn X though.

@Liang: That's what Setsuna did after season 1 (to improve his aim better)! XD

@kei: China and their creative piracy tactics, I wonder how far their 'creativity' can go. XD
Yeah, RDs are nowhere as large as MGs or even HGs sometimes as they are standardize to +/-12.5cm heights.

mangyver5223 said...

hahaha...also found this Setsuna 'playing' yoyo when bought Exia trans-am at Satok Xp

MaftyNavue said...

haahaha nice.. setsuna favorite pastime, btw in the 2nd picture, can I sit beside the girl...

or perhaps.. why the camera seems focused on "that" girl??

CD said...

@mangyver: Haha, it should be pretty common to see around here. XD

@Mafty: If you truly want that is... XP
I was doing some ninja shooting so I didn't focus on a specific point and I didn't want to stand while taking a photo or else I'd be too obvious. XD
It just happens that the cam phone tilted that way. ^^;

DivineLight said...

the classroom seems nice and cozy.
but the cafetaria is too packed...

chubbybots said...

I sense your ninja level has increased :D Ninja photoshots!!

Now i know why setsuna has those 2 yoyo like weapons in his seven swords version ^^. I hate eating at school cafeterias...always so pack!!

CD said...

@divine: True, the classrooms are good. The one you see with lots of people is for lectures while a smaller room is used for tutorials. =)
Lunch is like a battle now... a battle of patience and time. x.x

@chubbs: I've been doing lots of ninja-photo-shoots already, of course the ones within legal range. XP
I prefer 'natural' shots for shots with people (or any living being) in them, captures the moment much better. =D

Yep, the cafeteria is very packed, hafta share with someone else most of the times (not such a bad thing though). Sometimes I prefer to go to the Spring if I can (of course I can!) to eat lunch and then go do a little quick visit to a certain shop...

Marzz said...

Muahaha! So the malaysian Setsuna plays yo-yo too!

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