Saturday, May 15, 2010

Random Gunpla Shots - Momotoys

While I was trying to do something (unfortunately I wasn't able to), I lepak over at Momotoys for a while before going back. Talked to the people there for a while and watched something totally hilarious. Good way to release some tension I guess since I'm feeling quite a lot lately thanks to the higher load of schoolwork due to exams coming up and assignments need to be done ASAP (almost done so its not so bad, assignment-wise).

Anyways, enough babbling repeating words, here are some shots of the Gunpla which are displayed at Momotoys which I played around with a little yesterday evening. XD

Dunno who did this one but its quite well done. It has a very nice matt finish and I just touched and posed it a little. Those who frequently go to Momotoys would've seen this one for quite a long while already. Really love that hangar base. =D

Just touch touch this one a bit. Quite impressed with the articulation of this rather old kit (Elbows can bend, feet can bend and shoulders can go up and down!). Makes me want to get that Strike + Force Impulse set even more now. XP
Its a bit loose but that's probably due to old age. FYI, this isn't mine either.

Relatively old kit and its VERY loose already. Seems like it lost one wing and didn't bring along its trademark TBR. Nonetheless, I changed its pose to a punching (?) pose!

Okay, randomness there again. I was just playing around (with permission to touch of course) while continuing to mess around with my new camera.

Until the next post~


Chris said...

Maybe the owners of these kits should put a "name card" beside them to show who build them? At any rate, they are much better built and colored than those on display at Sarawak Plaza....

Gunstray said...

I love it when people pull off an amazing custom Hazel, Tempts me to go buy one in craigslist,Chibi wings punch is so darn moe^^;

Marzz said...

Advanced hazel! Been trying to hunt one for a long time now.... But unable to find....

Shirogane Len said...

Steven's(swatwolf) Wing Gundam ZC v fin always keep dropping > <

Zoidiect Archaea said...

haha putting gunplas on display into poses ^^ used to do such at Gusto XD but that Hazel is something lulz

DivineLight said...

advance hazel is great.
why Z Gundams' armaments are more powerful and better looking then todays' Grunt-type? means 00 and seed...

mangyver5223 said...

man, What the price of HGAW X?

Cass said...

@Chris: Yeah, maybe they should.
Yep, they are very well done which really impresses me. =)

@Gunstray: They have the Titans Hazel with the boosters at the shop currently (but it doesn't look as good as the Advance Hazel IMHO). XP
And yeah, SD WZC is cute. ^^

@Marzz: Oh, so you want one. Good luck finding it however.
Huhu, but yeah, it is pretty nice (even I want it to). =)

@Liang: Yeah, need some glue or at least bluetack. XP

@ZD: Et tu, eh, ZD? Its fun to pose them around, even if they aren't yours. =D

@Divine: That's because this is a customized/remodeled "grunt" like that Advance GN-X (if I'm not mistaken). Obviously it will be more well armed.

@gyver: Price tag states RM81.

heathorn said...

wow, the store owner lets you touch n pose, sasuga rndm!


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