Saturday, May 22, 2010

CPA(ASC) Undergraduate Conference 2010

Today was a rather long day and was rather fun. There was a moment when my heart beat rapidly but that was because of the presentation we needed to do.

Want to know more? Read on!
Note: This post will be rather short as I want to keep it at a minimum since I feel that I shouldn't spam a photo for every single thing. I'll just talk about the important stuff. =)

It starts at 8AM whereby you register your name at the register. Doing so is important and you are required to sign twice, first for when you enter and second for when you leave. Once you have done that simple task, you are given a name card like those when you go to conventions (nice!) , a folder which includes a book on the agenda of the day plus various info and a handout about Money Tree who plays a key role today, and a T-Shirt which we do have to wear (its quite comfy and well its nice!)

Then, I went to the lecture hall, at which the conference will be held, and looked around for anyone I knew. I went alone as I normally go to events alone unless invited by others. XP
Because of that weird habit of mine, I normally get surprised when see some of my friends and also can make NEW friends. How you view my weirdness is up to you.

As I reached my seats at a place with some people I knew already, mineral water bottles are set there. We get one free bottle of water!

The conference only really starts at 9AM according to the schedule so I just sat down and talked to the people around me before then. After talking (too much), I was told I'm an open person. I guess I am but that's up to the people I meet to decide. I don't really go to people per say, it just happens. You're near me and then, suddenly we talked. I normally don't ask names when I meet someone but I'll make that a habit to do so even though I'll only ask you when we are parting ways. Don't ask me about what's happening around the world though, I don't know much of that but if you ask about niche stuff, I might be able to answer you. XD

Last year, CPA(ASC) also held a conference and the theme was airplanes as in the stewards and stewardess. However, we get "news" this year. Interesting I say and it makes me or everyone think that the people organizing this event to be quite creative. As business people, we should be creative right or at least try to go beyond our "set capabilities".

We get a few opening speeches abut the highlight is Michael Reyes - the CEO of Money Tree. His speeches are wonderful and can truly open your eyes. I can say that EVERYONE does not like lectures or conferences or any long winded talking sessions but when you hear this guy talk, you will not fall asleep. If you DO fall asleep, I guarantee you that he WILL wake you up. He's cool like that.

He gave his speech and his speech was important as it highlights the important event of the day... the ENTREPRENEURSHIP CHALLENGE! All the people who have come this day are required to form groups of 12 and come with a business plan then tell it to him and another person... which his name is forgotten due to my bad name remembering skill. XP

So, yes, I am also counted in for that. I don't really feel like doing it but hey, I signed up for this day and I better do something! Well, I can't say I did much except my usual random flair but I guess I'll usually (not always) be the miscellaneous person of any group or organization.

After getting the members together and selecting a leader who is not me, we decided to go to the library to discuss out battle business plan. We had three ideas brainstormed and went with one that seemed to be the most viable and interesting plan.

We didn't have much time however. We had only 2 hours including our lunch break. With the lunch break (at 12pm) used for mostly eating and drinking, we mearly had 1 hour and 30 minutes total to go through our business plan and write it on the given large pieces of white paper.

Lunch was nice and its the usual all-you-can-eat-buffet but the drink was so-so. Not bad, I was really full since I think I took too much.

And then, it happened the moment of truth (at 1pm). We weren't the first, we weren't the last but the 2nd last. It's good that we're not first but being close to the last kinda makes it harder as normally judges WILL expect more as you WILL have SEEN the previous teams before you.

After the 12th team presented their business plan, here was a 1 hour forum on leadership held between these important and experienced people above. They really can talk very well!
It can be summarized that you are not born a leader but you can become one by learning and experiencing it oneself. Don't be afraid of failure or else you'll never go anywhere. Take risks and maybe you'll find success coming to you after all that effort you put in, to become a leader. (Hopefully I said that right there.)

You'll also be able to ask questions after they have finished talking. Good thing if you have any doubts or whatever you want to voice out. ^^ I didn't ask anything though since I didn't have anything to ask.

Okay, back to the challenge.
Overall, the ideas are interesting but I felt that we need to do actual research and some development before we can actually impress the judges into "buying" the plan (we also need to think deeper as most of us falter when questions were asked by the panel of judges). Okay, so, there was this one all girl team that really did impress but I missed it due to nature's call. Darn, it seemed awesome too. Yes, they are the winners of today and got away with RM30 vouchers for Kenny Rogers each!

My team didn't win anything, not even the best talker awards (3 people), but we learned something and that's what's important (plus we gained more friends and acquaintances). I was a little disappointed (can't lie 'bout that fact) but the business plan we formulated is still possible as if we go through it properly we might as well bug Michael Reyes on his Facebook. XD

Look, the winners!

After all that, it was time to go back. We signed our names one last time at the register and get the goodies bag but this time is a less than last year. We get the bag itself (black this time), a metallic CPA CD case and some informative CPA books. Inflation sure hurts there. ^^;
We also get to eat some snacks before we finally wave goodbye.

In short, we should all try to go to whatever events that cross our path in our lives. We WILL learn something no matter how minute it can be. We will never stop learning (quote from forum just now). So, go, go to the events near you if you have the time. =)

That's all for now and I'll be VERY busy starting tomorrow as I'll need to clear up my assignments and preparing for my finals next month. I'll not be posting anything until near the end of June so see ya guys until then. I'll still come by to comment from time to time but no posts will be generated by me. I might put up a certain post early next month since half of the photos are done but no promises there.


divinelight said...

event like that is always nice, even though I don't really like to participate.

you'll get busy tomorrow? oh well, even not posting you can go around commenting right ^^

chubbybots said...

I love events like that :D The interaction and the stuff you can learn are very useful later on ^^

Considering that you are quite a rndm person haha your business will never know what to expect!

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