Thursday, May 13, 2010

August Will Be a Hard Month

I just came back home, tired from all the (real life) stuff happening lately (no, nothing serious, just lotsa schoolwork), opened Ngee Khiong's blog as per usual and saw the best thing I've seen in my life. I don't know if Bandai has magical people in their research department or what but they have outed lots of stuff that I really do want.

Before I continue on with this post, I'd like to say that I already bought some stuff from the recent Momotoys stock that day earlier this week. Haven't bought the one with the dual shiny swords yet but I may or may not get it in the end. Well, we'll see how it goes. Its not like I have to get it but my ABF will feel ronery later. XP

I sadly have no time to build them for now as exams are nearing rapidly and my deadlines for assignments are within 2 weeks. So, for anyone who frequents my blog, I'm sorry to say I'll not be posting much or anything for a while. However, if I do find any free time, I may as well post some stuff up, even though it might not be the usual long posts.

Okay, enough about me, let's talk about what has Bandai done now.

EDIT (14/05/10): Added some additional comments especially for Gundam Harute.

Part 1: 00 Movie Gundams

These ones are very obvious and shouldn't really surprise anyone. The prices look decent as they are relative to some of the later released Gunpla in the High Grade. The most expensive one being Raphael Gundam but I guess that was a given. Ironically, 00 Qan[T] and Gundam Harute are the cheapest at 1600 Yen each, Gundam Zabanya second at 1800 Yen and Raphael at 2000 Yen. Being a 00 fanatic, I'll most likely get them all. I like the designs very much, especially the Harute. It truly looks marvelous. Sorry 00 Qan[T], you aren't the top favorite design for the movie for me. XP

EDIT: What can I say about the Harute? Ever since I saw the Kyrios way back in season 1, I felt a sense of attraction to the design besides the lovely design for Exia which I liked more. As the transformable line grows, Albulhool to Kyrios to Arios and GN Archer to Harute, I like them even more with each design. Harute shows one of the best designs I've seen thus far for ANY transformable Gundam with its sharp looking design. Together with its dual rifles with a blade edge that also seem to be able to function as claws, it is an instant win. I don't know, when I think about it more, the 00 Qan[T] gets over-shadowed by its own allies except that it features a Twin Drive System and the new Quantum System - which are only great from a plot point of view. Sword Bits are still cool however. I still like the 00 Qan[T] though since it is a (almost) pure melee suit, my favorite style of fighting. Shooting away at enemies are not really to my liking.

Part 2: Looks Interesting
This one looks interesting, the Beginning Gundam. Design-wise, it looks very close to the Victory Gundam to me. Let's see how this one develops.

Part 3: Real Grade 1/144 RX78-2 Gundam & Real Grade 1/144 Char's Custom Zaku
At 2500 Yen, it is pretty reasonable and it looks rather awesome there. However, I think I'll skip it, though maybe not for the future releases, since I think the other releases in August are something I much more prefer.

An obvious one this was. Not gonna get it either though. I'll wait for something that has seven swords before I get this grade. XD

Part 4: MG 1/100 The O
Finally, the final baddie of Zeta is almost here! After all those years and a fail prototype that appeared years ago, it gets to be released in summer... for 12000 Yen?! OMG! That's like PG price there! Totally out of my league... then again, I'm not gonna get it. Don't really like it enough actually. XP

Part X: Not Bandai But Revoltech Blade Liger!
Awww! Isn't it adorable! Its too cute to not get! But, for 4900 Yen, I don't know if I'll get it in the end especially since I have other wants which are coming out nearly at the same time. Ah well, I'll see what I can do when the time comes. :X

Part 5: MG Figureised 1/8 Monkey D' Luffy & Kamen Rider W CycloneJoker!
OMG! OMG! OMG! I need air! Kamen Rider W! I want! Very want! *_*
I initially thought of getting a SHF Kamen Rider W around this year but since this one is coming out in August for 3800 Yen, I rather get this one instead. =D
As for Luffy, its nice of Bandai to be releasing him too. No chances of me getting it though since my budget is tight as far as these crazy great releases are concerned. =3

HGUC 1/144 Sinanju, GM Kai & Delta Plus
No price or release date yet but it looks like it should come by the time the second OVA is almost airing. Definitely will get as my HGUC Unicorns need some... *insert whatever you want to imagine here* I'm expecting a price of 2000~2400 Yen for this one.

Slated for an August release (no, too many August releases!) for 1200 Yen, I may get it since, well, I like it! Its on the lower spectrum though since the other stuff I've mentioned far out-shadow this even though I did consider it better when only this was shown. XP

Delta Plus! Do like this one as well, a great looking MS, well most MS from Unicorn do look great overall. Hopefully the release date for this is after the Sinanju. ^^;

MG 1/100 Full Armor RX78-2 Gundam & V Core Booster
Nah, not gonna get these at all. They just doesn't appeal to me. The V Gundam does, in a way appeal to me but the price is painstaking high for it. Maybe in the future for the Victory if I really, really want it still by then. Do want a MG 0 Gundam instead though.

Overall, I see a harsh road ahead for us Gunpla-ers and collectors. Many good stuff are coming and our wallets are not safe at all. Looks like I'll need to be more careful with my spending if I want to get them when they come around here.

Okay, that's all for now. Sorry I may not be making any posts for a while (until the end of June) as I'll be quite busy with schoolwork. I may be able to do some fun stuff in-between but I don't think I'll have enough time to spend on my blogs. Don't fret, I'll still reply to comments and check out my blogroll as well as any newcomers who wanna share links.


Marzz said...

Hell yea, they really screwed us badly..... too many things, too little money....

Tsukinari said...

Nice get! XD

yes! Harute FTW..!! <3

Blade Liger is cute indeed.. wonder how big is it? hm..

yeah.. Bandai screwed us really bad... ONORE BANDAI!!

divinelight said...

I'm so into RG right now.
and will go for Sinanju and 00-movie-kits... damn...

Chris said...

Haha, looks like we agree on quite a few things.
I will definitely get all 4 HG from 00 movie with 00 Qan(t) being the lowest priority. I mean....look at it, the design is very similar to its predecessor compared to the other 3.

I thought Beginning Gundam looks like Victory too. The colors, the round legs....
Same like you, I'm glad I didn't get SHF W too because the MG looks too awesome for words. XD
I'd definitely make MG Kamen Rider W my first MG Figurerise!

GunStray said...

Hey the good thing is The protagonist suits are always cheap^^;;RG is such a get too me, if they just went on next with either zeta or RX-79.

Want Genobreaker planned or "wasplanned to be released too?

CD said...

@Marzz: Yeah, they really did went all out this year thanks to their "Gunpla 30th Anniversary". I really, really thought my spending can be lower this year but I guess that was impossible.

@Tsuki: Thanks. XD

Harute is definitely the shining star of the upcoming 00 Movie here. =D

As for the Blade Liger, hopefully its gonna be HUEG so that it can justify that hefty price tag. Nonetheless, the articulation and overall build looks promising.


@divine: Haha, the RG is truly a marvel there. With its amazing part separation and full inner frame for such a small build, it can be said to be the highlight of this year. =P

@Chris: 00 Qan[T] is really getting the shaft from the other Gundams here. XD

Poor Setsuna, his Gundam doesn't have "Gundam" in its name (someone stated this on NK's cbox before). XP

Huhu, et tu eh. Kamen Rider W is really something. Before the series aired, almost everyone was 'WTF' with the design motive but after seeing it in action, people started to like it. Bandai should totally love W right now as, well, you should know why.

@GunStray: Of course, the mains should be affordable for most people to get! XD

Zeta would be awesome but hopefully it won't be too fragile due to the smaller size (if it does incorporate a full transformation gimmick).

As for Genobreaker, I dunno, but they will probably release it too since it was shown together with the Blade Liger earlier on.

Choo Sie LIang said...

I agree what u say,August & September is totally super hard month.I going to get all the OO movie gundams,will u too?

Anonymous said...

With these releases... I could only this: GG.

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

Shizuoka Hobby Show 2010 Featuring Bandai FULL BURST MODE~!!! XD

Im into RG , OOQ and if i can get myself an AB maybe HGUC sinanju >_>

Anonymous said...

OO movie gunpla really look sweet,wonder does Zabanya come with open panel,but Harute really look awesome,hopefully they make a 1/100 for all the movie main suits.

Zeon_Two_Six said...

I'm SO getting the RG and the 00 Quan[T]... Then maybe the Sinanju so I could start with the Tallgeese 3 Mod... :D


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