Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Filler Post - Capture My (Current) Collection!

Since I got me that new camera - Cannon IXUS 105 - I decided to take some shots (capture) my current collection in the cupboard. I am really impressed by this camera at how even Auto Mode meets my necessities without fail. However, I still prefer to use Program Mode (manual mode) so that I have better control over my shots. I still leave the ISO and WB on auto though since I don't want to spend too much time adjusting those for every snap.

Thanks to the image stabilizer, my shots are much more stable than ever. I barely need to delete much or any shots as most of them came out nicely. Really a good thing as I don't need to fuss much when taking any kind of shots now. My family photos and real life photos are coming in much better and my ninja photo taking skill seems to increase further thanks to the faster photo taking speed this new camera has. >D

Okay, enough babbling, here are some shots I took late at night with the new camera. Some uses the flash of the camera but I notice the flash works pretty well, in most cases at least.

FYI, I'm putting up this random post since the SD Unicorn review is much longer than I had anticipated. Especially with the comic strip I had in mind. I'll probably do it by Friday night and you should expect that to be up at my Wordpress blog since I feel like I DO need the pages function.

Part 1: Overall Shots

Part 2: "Special Shots"

Part 3: The Ones Outside

*The Throne Eins shot didn't come out well so I just skip'd it. ^^;

As you can easily see, the ones with the best poses are the ones on the top section of he cupboard. You should also notice that I don't have much space left. However, that problem is "fixable" so I don't really mind, not yet. XP

I'll probably get a decent priced display case in the future (dunno when) and move some of them "out" so that I'll have more space. I really don't want my kits to end up just standing there idly later (even though that will solve much of the space problem). ^^;

Note: Just in case you thought I ninja get any new stuff suddenly, the last thing I bought was just the HG 007S/G and SD Unicorn. XD

Okay, until the next post~
I have a midterm on Friday so I'll need to read up quite a lot since its Law. @_@;


Zoidiect Archaea said...

and thats some pure nice results..even for photos with flash, seems the lighting is well-balanced =D

Chris said...

SD Unicorn spotted! I also noticed Blue Frame 2nd R with Exaclibur. lol that's how it'll look if I clear my backlogs.... it's such a chaos. XD

Cass said...

@ZD: Yeah, the camera really impressed me with its good lighting and well, almost every aspect of it. =D

@Chris: Yar, I let the ABF2ndR hold the other Excalibur since its own sword is too heavy to hold. XP

Wow, don't tell me you have THAT many backlogs. O.o

Shirogane Len said...

Very hard to find Arios now ~ Once again, nice collection

mangyver5223 said...

Whoa, a 'yummy'ful photo again >.<

mangyver5223 said...

wait a minute, my eyes detected HG Extra finish? Is that what I said just now is true?

Cass said...

@Liang: Was kinda hard to get Arios at that time though. Luckily, I managed to get one even though the later released GNHW version would been a better wait. Ah well. XP

@gyver: Yep, its is the Extra Finish Gundam Exia. ^^

Anonymous said...

Your collection looks... stuffed. v_v

Amazingly they don't fight for space, or is it?... :D

mangyver5223 said...

man, forgot to tellin' u that I've just uploaded my designs of transformable Ms to cannon mode. It available in ur FB and my blogs. any question, please leave in comment ^_^

Chris said...

Umm...well, 47 Gunplas (MGs, HGs and SDs) in backlog. Is THAT enough? XP

Cass said...

@bd: They might, soon. XD

@gyver: I can say its interesting and different. Might be better off as a non-Gundam MS though.

@Chris: Woah! O.O
That's a heck lot! You totally need to spend some quality time and build them. Can't you hear their muffled screams from wihin' the boxes? XP

And yes, that's quite enough to stuff a cupboard/display cabinet.

Chris said...

Well, that's the reason! I spent so much quality time on detailing one (with my Gunpla OCD), and slow build that my purchase is much faster than my building.

Anonymous said...

Wow extra clear picture,so many gunpla,hmmm Freedom with IWSP.

Cass said...

@Chris: That's telling you to slow down for a while. Later you'll have too many to build (but you already have too many to build). XP

@kei: Yeah, new cam works great. ^^
Its hard to keep Freedom with its usual wings so I strapped the IWSP pack on it instead. Now it has more firepower! XD

Chris said...

Well, to me it feels like I'll get that kit sooner or later, so why not get it now. That's why I had so many stacking up. ^^;

But you're right. I have enough Gunpla for me to build for 3 years or more, with my speed.... XD


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