Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Can Hear the RAGE Already

Keeping this post real short as I do not want to spoil too much (or you can just look to the left side), go here to read on something I "created" yesterday and today.

You might be surprised or RAGE or some other kind of reaction. XP


Zeon_Two_Six said...

Prepare to earn the wrath of the SetsuMarina shippers later on... XD

Stil, I'm quite impressed on how you rendered their possible children...

GunStray said...

>> Zeon_2_6: Damn them all, I aint one for milf.

OMG, its a f**king miracle, I endorse you.

Choo Sie LIang said...

Setsuna married to who,how come he got children???

CD said...

Thanks guys. It was randomly generated by my brain and my hand. It just... happens. XD

@Liang: Just random sketches based on the possibility he gets together with Fedlt in the movie as it is quite heavily implied now... XP


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