Friday, May 7, 2010

Momotoys New Stock (05/05/10)

A bit late for me to say but Momotoys had a huge truck load of boxes (19 packages) that came in this Wednesday. I wasn't around so I couldn't take any photos of when it came by. However, a person who works there is kind enough to share with us what the contents are. He will continue to do so for future stocks. You can see his post here.

For those who wants to follow what stocks that comes into Momotoys can see his blog or follow the original thread at the Lowyat forums. Well, I might still say when its updated when I can. XP

I haven't bought anything yet but you guys would know what I'll be getting soon-ish. ^^;
A bit hard to get all the wants so I'll probably get 2 to 3 items max. I must truly consider what I really want to buy. I can burn my wallet to heck but I want to save up for other stuff currently. So yeah. XP

Until the next post~ A bit tired tonight so I'll delay that post I promise to tomorrow or at least sometime this weekend.


Chris said...

Let me guess: MG Astray Red Frame Kai, HG Astraea Type F and HG Gundam X?

CD said...

You followed my posts quite well then. XD

Tsukinari said...

ORZ more poisons ORZ... nyehehe thats is some stocks >_<

Choo Sie LIang said...

zzz...supporter of my blog....thx!!

Marzz said...

LOADS of stock! Time for rndm's wallet to burn out!!! Haha!

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