Saturday, September 18, 2010

Early Impressions on Pokemon Black & White

Just “got” the Pokemon Black & White today and had some fun with it ever since. I know I should’ve done something more important but my mood really wasn’t into that. Hope I won’t be doomed on Monday. XP Anyways, onwards with the photospam and commentaries!

To tell you the truth, I played the White version on my DS while the Black version just for this impression post. I’m not gonna really play Black for the time being as I’ll most likely play it when the English versions of the games are released next year. Heh.

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Marzz said...

ARGH!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO PLAY TOO!!!!

CD said...

You can try to play it on emulator... but I think you'll get stuck when you try to obtain the C-Drive later since it needs you to have a WiFi connection available. ^^;
Well, when the English one comes over next year, why don't you grab a DS/3DS then? Save up! :D

CD said...

Wait... I thought you had a DS?

Marzz said...

It got stolen, remember? T_T

CD said...

Oh, yeah, sorry about that. I forgot. ^^;


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