Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spark Gundam Main Suit Colors

My Deviantart page HERE.

Just did this just now and I tried something different to add more "texture" to the coloring. I admit it is very messy since I just scribbled some light black and white all over the body but it makes it less plain than usual. XP

I might update this one (make it less messier) in the not so near future when I have more free time though.
Hope you like the sketch/scribble though. :O

GND-000 Spark Gundam
Height: 15.1m
Weight: 20.3t
GN Beam Gun
GN Beam Saber (2)
GN Beam Shield (Left Arm)
GN Vulcan (2) (Head)

My Deviantart page HERE.


chubbybots said...

Oh the coloring reminds me of destiny gundam minus the wings! I see you added in a bit of the original qunta legs and chest parts into this suit.

LEon said...

Nice work there. Did you just drew and color that behind some rough paper? Cos I can see the print from the other side. Neat!

CD said...

@chubbs: Hehe, yep.I also added Qan[T]'s arm guard (though it will be used differently) and I've finally finalized the core fighter design after seeing Qan[T]'s side binder gimmick from the HG kit reviews. XP

@LEon: Thanks! Yes I did. Re-using the papers I used to print walkthroughs in the past. ^^
It kinda give a nice effect for the watercolor filter one also. Haha.


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