Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Life, Gaming, Hacking, Pokemon!

I know I've been pretty idle lately and that's because I'm preoccupied with other stuff besides Gunpla. ^^;
My Seravee looks pretty angsty now since an appearance of a certain Gundam is made certain of in the 00 Movie.

Pokemon Black & White just came out last Saturday (18/09/2010) and I've been playing it, though slowly, ever since then. It is quite fun and most of the Pokemon you can catch, basic forms, are actually very cute. I've already past the second gym and going to a forest area which I forgot to read the name of. FYI, I'm playing White while my sister is playing Black. We're both about the same place except that I'm a bit ahead since I'm doing the reading (good thing I studies Katakana and Hiragana). X3
BTW, I find the male lead this time to be quite more likeable in design especially when I compare him to the RS and DPP male leads. I didn't like their hats. >_> Caps FTW!

Other than that... I've finally got a current generation console which is the infamous Xbox 360. After a lot of thinking and considerations, I bought it. Took me a while to find a shop selling the old white one at a reasonable price considering I only got an Arcade version (no HDD). So far, I've been mostly playing BlazBlue Continuum Shift. Let's see if I can Jack of All Trades the whole character list... but I, right now, want to master Ragna the Bloodedge since I find him pretty nice to use. ^^

Other than that, I've been "hacking" one of the campus's computers, sort of. Ever since the second week of this semester, the computers had a software upgrade in which that you can book the computer so that it will be available to use at your designated times, maximum 2 hour usage per student (extend-able if no one else needs it) and you can only access it from 8AM onwards... Because I reach the campus around 7.15AM in the morning, I really want to use the computer even though my netbook does suffice. But, hey, those 22" screens are really nice to use so why not I... use a Linux, Ubuntu 10.10 Beta, Live CD to turn it on earlier? No harm, right (arguable)?
I wonder what will happen if I try to install it... I know what to do but I really should do that as it will cause lotsa problems later... though I always thought of doing it. <.<

That's all for now. What are the rest of you doing, well, besides Gunpla and work/school?


Tsukinari said...

Wait.. you actually can read Japanese character? O_o teach me!!!!!!!!! lol

Pokemon hm... last version I play was Red LOL

I dont really like console.. but they got some good games which is exclusive to consol.. kinda a bit envious orz

hacking campus pc!!! make sure u didnt get busted :P

hm.. me?

well... I pretty much bz few days ago after Raya, go here and there for preparation on my 'Big Project' ^^;;.. Havent play some games.. reading bleach manga atm cant wait next chapter.. Ichigo's Mugetsu gonna whip Aizen's butterfly ass lol... and still gonna catch tons of animu ^^;;

Marzz said...

But then again, how did you manage to play? I heard reports of anti-piracy and stuff.... Saying that the anti-piracy this time stops you from getting any exp. What a combo killer....

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

beside gunpla and school? maybe went cycling around perhaps? XD rather my routine is pretty strict but i just enjoyed it, and i didnt do much things rather than things that i used to do over and over

hacking pc~ never try that, seems the proxy that people used to used didnt worked for now.

CD said...

@tsuki: Go find an online Katakana and Hiragana chart online and start from there. As for what the words mean, you might want to get a dictionary or use a translator. I can understand the stuff a bit thanks to the subbed anime I've watched before. XP

So far so good but I only do it in the early morning when not many people are around. *touch wood*

Busy I see. At least the Bleach manga feels better lately since Ichigo isn't so darn indecisive anymore. ^^

@Marzz: Go borrow a friend's DS or try to find some cheap DS on sale or something if you're really desperate. I'm sure the DS Lite can come in very cheap now... That's the best thing I can tell you. ^^;

As for the AP, mine is fully patched and works with no problem thus far. I can get experience, can save, use the C-Gear, etc. What did I use? Original R4 + Wood v1.12 + patched ROM. The only thing you can't do is use the IR port.

@ZD: Hey, nice active lifestyle there. A good example for the rest of us. Haha.

Hacking, for fun, can be quite fun although mine is pretty minor of an act. Heh.

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