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HG 1/144 Gundam Avalanche Exia' (Dash) Review - Part 2

This is a continuation of the first part here!

First and foremost, I like to wish everyone a Selamat Hari Raya! Hope you will all enjoy your day today visiting friends and family's houses or just plain enjoying the public holiday.

At any rate, here's the second part of this review! FYI, there's no omake but there are 90 images in this post. There might be an omake later on since I have a slight idea on what I can parody though it might be a little exhausted already... or not (not AHEAD inspired).

Part 1: Comparisons
A quick comparison with the usual bottle of mint and the original HG Exia.

Part 2: Up, Left, Down, Right & Close-Ups
Since a stand is included with this kit, I don't see why you shouldn't use it. It doesn't need it to stand but it makes posing the new leg armor parts much easier since they can extend longer than the legs.

I detailed every detail I felt necessary as I have stated in the previous part. Some painted parts don't look too good (yellow parts) due to carelessness especially the upper body parts since I did it when I wasn't at "optimum efficiency". However, the lower body parts and armaments came out quite good if I do have to say so myself. XP

Part 3: Articulation & Gimmicks
Those who had own any HG Exia variations would know of its basic articulation quite well by now so I'll just elaborate on the Avalanche parts as to not type unnecessary stuff.
The shoulder boosters can swivel around.

The rear sword holsters can be turned down.

Photos says all. Lots of moving joints here.

The only articulation lost here is at the elbows which is now limited to 90 degrees. Not that it could bend that much more without the bulk though. This "problem" also affects the 1/100.

Bandai skimped out on the GN Cable for the shoulders. They also did not give any for the back-"plate" (which connects to the rear skirt) though this one can be justified that it will hinder articulation of the waist.

Due to the design of the front waist skirt, it limits the legs' articulation a bit. You can always deviate the legs to the side to move it "further up" however.

A design flaw? This part is technically "naked" if you bend the knees completely.

The new leg armor is well articulated and does not hinder the legs articulation at all as long as you configure it properly that is. Note that if you don't want this bulky armor, you can always go with the original Avalanche configuration as the parts are available as well.

Ah, totally forgot to take a shot of the body spread. Nothing has changed from the original Exia regarding this part which is quite unfortunate IMHO. ^^;

Part X: GN Sword...
Unfortunately for the GN Sword, it looks retarded equipped on the Avalanche due to the HG design limitation. This isn't a problem for the 1/100 though since it has a more flexible GN Sword mechanism. You technically can't mod this, not easily anyways. I tried and wasted the blue part. Luckily the R2 had that part extra. ^^;

Because of that, I prefer to use this configuration as it "hides" the "problem".

Part 4: Action!

GN Sword!

Beam sabers... everywhere! It may not top the Seravee but this works pretty well also since...

Feet beam saber battle!
Technically, the "skis" provides an additional thruster as well as the GN Claw which can push out a beam saber.

It can stand with the "skis" no problem. A bit wobbly but you can have fun with em'.

GN Blades and GN Claws.

More versatile sword tactics? :3

Part 5: What's Different?
Avalanche Exia' is nothing but the Exia with more armor. A bit of changes for the weapon placements which I find to be more well placed as they don't obstruct the body movement as much such as the GN Blades.

The Avalanche has no shield and even if the parts are also in he kit, the polycap is used elsewhere on the body. You can, however, take the polycap from a leftover PC runner. Then again, the shield isn't necessary.

Which do you like more, the Avalanche Exia' or the vanilla Exia? I kinda like the Avalanche more after getting this. I find the extra bulk and motive of this "add-on" pretty nice looking even though it defeats the original melee motive of the Exia somewhat.

Part 6: Bonus
You all already saw this but might as well put it here. Due to the connections being compatible, you may attach 00's GN Drives onto the Avalanche Exia to make it have... a triple drive. For those who has the 007S/G would love to play around with this. Sadly for me, due to being sick last week, I didn't play around more with this config. Well, I could do it now but it will delay this post even longer, unless an omake is in order.

The HG Exia variants (not all). Exia, Avalanche Exia, Trans-AM Exia and Exia R2. Too bad I didn't get the GN-Arms Type E. T_T

Part 7: Conclusion
  • More playability added to the HG Exia
  • New parts are well engineered (though you'll need to use a ton of stickers for some parts)
  • Lack of beam parts
  • Missing GN Cables for the shoulders and back
  • Exia's main body is the same one which was released in 2007 which results in a more limited articulation range as well as a less ideal color and part separation
  • GN Sword looks retarded when equipped in rifle mode
  • No open palm for the right hand
Overall, the kit is decent. Lack of beam sabers at the price tag of 2000 Yen makes this kit lose some of its core values as it is shown in the side-story to utilize them via the GN Claws (4 beam sabers at once). The GN Sword requires an alternate blue part or something (IMHO), which should be easy to add since they did it for the R2, to make it look more accurate to the actual design. It looks totally unacceptable as is so I left it in sword mode neutralizing the "problem".

Even though Bandai finally made this kit, it felt pretty much half-assed. If you aren't too fond of the new leg armor parts, I think that the 1/100 Avalanche Exia is a better option since it is more color accurate as well as more design accurate. Now, if Bandai decides to make a MG Avalanche Exia', then we're talking.

The Gundam itself looks nice but the kit does not deliver what it should, not completely unfortunately. I cannot deny I had my fun with it but it just doesn't feel "good enough" in the end. ^^;

Okay, that's all for now. Hope you'll all enjoy your Raya!


mangyver5223 said...

If u cant found GN arms type E I would like to recommend u this: I've found TTHL GN arms type D at One TJ. I hope u interested about it :)

Anonymous said...

I always think that Avalanche Exia's armor is a bit too much, but i got a say that the details and movement is quite impressive :D
Oh, and that photo of Exia family is really cool, I like it ^^

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

pretty lots of cons there...but i always dig extra armors..and Bulky~!

SoujiShinogane said...

Team Exia,Roll Out!!!

divinelight said...

Full-Armor Exia, this is a must-buy kit for me. well, he got the first treatment of my airbrush too.

And for the GN-shield, I kinda make it for him... but the connector really wobbly, well he doesn't really need that anyway, kinda not feel right if he use that small shield (like in my web)

CD said...

@gyver: Saw it the other day. Too expensive for a bootleg (the price tag they put on at least). I've could've gotten the original for cheaper. XP
Well, if I could find it for less than RM100, you might see a TTHL GN Arms Type E or D soon enough since I do plan on getting one when I get the chance (or an original one if I get price lucky again).

@h4mster: Heh, it does look pretty nice even though it adds quite a bit of bulk to the Exia.
Thanks, will do a bigger family shot once a certain white prototype is get'd. :D

@ZD: Even though I personally like the kit, I can't deny the sad truth when reviewing. ^^;

@divine: Haha, your Avalanche Exia' became a test subject. Saw your post and comment'd.

Yeah, the GN Shield will technically fall off from the socket as easily as the GN Sword since "armored socket" is made of normal plastic. The normal arm socket of the Exia is made of ABS plastic making the connection more firm.

Z said...

I really like the Dash parts! they seem to balance and complete the overall design of Avalanche Exia. Wish they've done that for the original 1/100 model -_-. More beam sabers FTW. As usual, great photos ^^

rockleelotus said...

at first glance i didnt like the leg armors, looks way bulky but seeing how they can move around changed my mind.

i think i prefer avalanche exia to the original now lol awesome action shots btw ^^

Mirlotus said...

awesome pictures
i gonna be cosplaying this gundan and these pictures are really helpful to me, ty :D


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